I will be truthful and honorable in everything I do. Keeping my integrity and a good reputation are important to me, and I can do this by staying true to myself and others.

I will seek to learn from other people, for knowledge is the basis for growth and growth is the key to living. Knowledge and learning are invaluable to life, and I believe these things can be found beyond the walls of a classroom. I will continually explore the world around me, as a lifelong learner, by traveling to other countries to experience culture, by reading books and keeping up with current events. I will share my knowledge and passion for learning with those around me.

I will continually develop my personal faith while respecting the opinions and beliefs of others. I believe everyone, regardless of faith, should be respected and loved. I will see everyone through the eyes of compassion. I will always question my religious convictions to discover truth.

I will strive to become a good leader by motivating those around me to get involved in their communities. I will work to empower young women to realize their potential. I will be a good role model for other women in how I conduct myself, how I treat other people, and how I choose to spend my time. I will strive to be kind to everyone, because the most important thing in life is how you treat others. I will act with courage, integrity and sophistication.

I will strive to become an involved citizen through voting, public service, and campaigning for social justice issues I become passionate about.

I will work to make the world around me more beautiful through my art and surrounding myself with beautiful things. I will use my creativity to inspire others and create inner harmony for myself. In this act, I will work to preserve the natural beauty of the earth and do my part to remember my impact on the environment.

I will not resist change or the passage of time. These are the inevitabilities of life, and I can do nothing to stop them; I can only change how I respond to them. I will not allow present circumstances or past conditioning to determine my responses to the challenges I face. I choose to focus on the positive and act directly on things I can do something about.

I will not forget the importance of friends and family in my life. I will not take these people for granted.

I will not forget to take time out to enjoy life. I will strive to create balance and order in my life while taking the time to be spontaneous. I appreciate good planning but realize that life’s greatest moments come when least expected.

I will see each day as a clean slate with new chances and new opportunities. I value life’s experiences and seek to learn and grow from each one. In my daily endeavors, I avoid neither risk nor responsibility; nor do I fear failure, only lost opportunity.


2 Responses to “Mission”

  1. notesalongthepath 30 August, 2009 at 9:45 pm #

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a beautiful, yet grounded, life mission statement. Thank you for sharing it for all the world to see, for the world needs to see such mission statements.
    Re: coming home from college, when my sons come home, it takes us all a little while to readjust to each other and, you’re right, everyone has changed. Especially them (you). It is all part of the great cycle of life. That’s what I see now, how we are born, grow up, learn and grow some more, take up our life’s work, raise families and then grow into the next stages of aging and leaving the world to the young ones, again.
    I am happy to have come across your blog, which makes me feel like the world is going to be in good hands!
    Keep writing–is writing in your future?
    Pam B

    • lazyllama27 30 August, 2009 at 10:02 pm #

      Thanks for your comment! I haven’t read my mission statement recently but it always reminds me of what I feel like I should be doing. As far as writing goes, I’ve always really enjoyed it, although never considered it professionally. Who knows, maybe one day!

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