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Dancers at the Barre

5 Jan

Today I met up with Alex and Chia-Hua to see the Degas exhibit at the Phillips Collection. This was the last week for it – I’ve been meaning to go see it for a while, but have just been so caught up with school and doing other things. I’m so glad we finally made the effort – it was well worth it! I’m a big fan of any Impressionist painter, and this exhibit was very well done. I’ve been to the Phillips before and really loved the galleries. This exhibit showed a lot of drawings, sketches, and paintings of nudes and dancers done by Degas, as well as some of the paintings he bought from his friends and other artists he admired. There were even a couple of his sculptures, that he created as studies for his figure drawings. All in a all, a really beautiful exhibit. I think the Phillips is one of my favorite collections I’ve ever seen. They rotate their permanent collection through the galleries, so things aren’t always in the same place when you go back to see them. I really like that about the Collection – so different from other permanent exhibitions.

After the Phillips, we met our friend Ali, who lives in Dupont, for a late lunch. We ate at a place called Bread and Brew, which I’d never heard of before. It was a cute little place with great sandwiches, soups, and pizzas. I had a wild mushroom pizza that was good, as well as a pumpkin spice latte. We walked around for a bit afterward and found a used book store that had some amazing antiquarian and rare books. It reminded me of that book I read last summer, The Man Who Loved Books Too Much, about a notorious rare book thief. It was a great read – I’d highly recommend it. It was a lovely, art-filled day today!


This is What my Heart Looks Like:

25 Nov

Something I’m thankful for this year: the opportunity to create art again. It’s something I love, but have dreadfully neglected over the past two years. It makes a world of difference when you don’t have the studio space so close!

This is What my Heart Looks Like:

30 Sep

There’s no doubt in my mind that I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing, but sometimes I can’t help but miss playing the piano…

Design Sponge

17 Sep

What are you getting into this weekend? I met the delightful and lovely Grace Bonney this morning at her book signing! I’m so in awe of all her great ideas for DIY home decor, party themes, and recipes. Her book is gorgeous – you should go get a copy right now!

This is What my Heart Looks Like:

9 Sep

A short history of modern fashion.

Stuff I Want Wednesday

7 Sep

I don’t remember how much I’ve talked about Full Moon on here before, but here’s a basic summary: My senior year of college, I was a member of a secret society at school that pulled pranks and made mischief on the campus. There were no boys or booze allowed, so what else were we going to do? Some people thought it was a terrible thing, but they completely missed the point of the tradition: to have fun and cause a little excitement on campus.

Anyway, that being said, I really, really need this pillow now. It even glows in the dark! If I had the money, I would buy one for myself and everyone who was in FM my year. I really need this, like yesterday.

Find it here.

This is What my Heart Looks Like:

2 Sep

Improv Everywhere is awesome, and here’s proof: