Pet Peeves

Knuckle cracking
Chewing loudly, with your mouth open
Very chunky hair highlights
People who pretend to be something they’re not
Overly tweezed eyebrows
Sitting through red lights for more than one turn
PDA, especially when you can hear it
Pictures with people’s arms on the sides where you can tell they held the camera out for themselves
Tacky clothing
Going to the dentist
Pet names
Redneck accents
Seeing commercials more than once in one TV show break
Licking your fingers when you eat
People who say ignorant things very loudly
Obnoxious teenagers in public who think they are God’s gift to the world, but who really annoy the hell out of everyone around
Saran wrap (that stuff is the devil!)
Being wasteful
Bad spelling
Snuggling/being touched-I’m really not a hands-on person
Perfume ads in magazines that don’t have a little sample to smell
When people say “besides the point” or “all of the sudden,” neither of which are correct


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