Hobbies and Interests

Random sampling of some of the things I like best, and how I spend my time.

Art, Music, Playing piano, Photography, Painting, Paris, Movies, Shoes, Traveling, Shopping, London, Cooking and baking, Earrings, Road trips, Chicken dancing, Musicals, Knitting, Making jewelry, Church, Making forts/tents, Religions, Foreign Cultures, Mike Rowe, Trying new foods, British men, Oil paints, Camping, Foreign Films, Making Books, Fountain hopping, Dhani Harrison, Collecting Converse t-shirts, Spain, Paul McCartney, Puppies, Making Lists (obviously), Meeting one true loves, Getting tracked down by crazy hobos (not particularly something I enjoy, but it happens), Harry Potter, Wine and beer, My Red Devil Little Sisters, Sagrada Familia, People who are genuine, Roasting S’mores on an open flame in dorm rooms, Revolutions, Roommate time with Mari and Lindsay, Jim Halpert, Caving, Handwriting Fonts, Dresses with pockets, Big Cities, Thunderstorms, Posting texts from last night to Melody’s Facebook wall, Internet window shopping, Flying, Hot tea, Rivers and lakes, Hands, Meeting interesting people, Project 365, Boys with tattoos, Independent films, Autumn leaves, Dreams, Full Moons, Non-profit organizations, Feather pillows, Trees, Love, Good books, French things


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