Ten Things Tuesday – August 9

9 Aug

How have my music tastes changed from 2 years ago? Well, let’s find out. The top ten bands/musicians I want to see in concert:

1. Florence and the Machine. Probably my new favorite out of all the music I’ve discovered recently. It’s way more dance-worthy than what I normally listen to, but still manages to feel indie and ethereal. Florence Welch’s voice is just otherworldly. There’s nothing I can even compare it to off the top of my head. I can’t even imagine what her live show would be like. I’d be willing to find out. 

2. Mumford and Sons. I never thought I would like bluegrass so much, but I do. Granted, they’re not strictly bluegrass, but kind of a rock infusion that I really enjoy. I think I could listen to them on repeat for days. Oh, wait, I have. I have a feeling that they have an incredible live energy that you can’t find at many other shows.

3. Coldplay. I’ve wanted to see them live for years, but haven’t ever had the chance. I’ve been waiting for quite a while for them to come out with a new CD and subsequent tour, because I wanted to give it as a graduation present to a friend, but I’ve had to wait so long for that to happen! I don’t care what anyone says, I still want to see them.

4. Ben Folds. I had the chance to see him in Nashville my senior year of high school, but my mom wouldn’t let me go. My boyfriend at the time was going, several of my close friends were going. But I wasn’t allowed to, no matter how much pleading I did. Ben Folds is one of those artists that I always kind of forget about, but when I rediscover him, I get obsessed for weeks on end. He’s truly one of my all-time favorites.

5. Josh Groban. I’m supposed to be seeing him right now, actually, but the concert got cancelled at the last minute due to food poisoning. I was really disappointed because I’ve wanted to see him for a long time. Cheesy, I know, but I really like his music. He’s got an incredbile voice – if you’ve never really paid attention to it, you should give him another listen. He’s good studying music. Besides being a little on the mature side of the music spectrum, he’s wickedly funny and loves geeky things. This makes him adorable and entertaining.

6. Flogging Molly. Really, what could possibly match the energy of an Irish rock band? Nothing. I love, love, love them. I want to get liquored up and dance around like crazy with lots of Irishmen.

7. The Avett Brothers. Another country/bluegrass-esque band that I didn’t think I’d like. It’s funny, I don’t like mainstream country music, but them I love. There’s something about that indie vibe and raw musicality that just seems so much more authentic. I know a girl who’s seen them 6 or 7 times already, and she says they’re amazing.

8. Michael Buble. A couple of my friends saw him a few years ago and loved it. He’s along the Josh Groban lines for me – a bit on the mature/adult side of music, but still entertaining. He has great style, though, in his jazzy and swinging attitude. Much like Frank Sinatra, but not quite as badass.

9. Jamie Cullum. I once heard him describe his own shows as the beauty of a jazz performance with the energy and vibe of a rock show. If you can’t tell, I like this combination very much. He should probbly be higher up on this list, if only for his version of Not While I”m Around.

10. Jack Johnson. So mellow, so cool, so lovely. I’d love to hear him play out on the beach – that’s the only appropriate venue, no?


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