Tale as Old as Time

3 Jul

So, just a little belated update on my recent social activities. Last Tuesday was my last day of work, so to celebrate this new freedom, Alli and I drove up to Abingdon to see Beauty and the Beast at the Barter Theatre. She’s also moving soon – to Spartanburg, in fact – for med school. We decided to see the show as one of our last get-togethers before we both move away. Alli is probably the biggest Disney fanatic I know, and Beauty and the Beast just happens to be her favorite show, so of course she was up for seeing it as soon as I mentioned it.

We left pretty early in the morning, to have time to eat lunch and walk around downtown a little before the show started. We ate lunch at this little Italian restaurant in town, which was just okay. I’m not really familiar with the Abingdon area, so I didn’t really know much about restaurants and such when we got there. We had a leisurely lunch and caught up on our respective family dramas and sagas. Afterwards we walked to some of the shops downtown, which wasn’t many. You’d think somewhere with a cute little downtown and a well-known theater company would have better shopping, but I guess we just weren’t in the right area. Whatever.

The main reason we were there, of course, was to see the show. It definitely did not disappoint. There were tons and tons of kids there, which shouldn’t have been surprising, considering that it’s a family show. There were quite a few little girls dressed up in costumes, which was really cute. The show itself was fabulous; I’ve never seen the Broadway version of B&tB before, but this was pretty far up there as far as quality. If you’re in the area and can make it to a show, I’d highly recommend it. It was faithful to the Disney version of the story, while adding its own live-performance flair. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to any kind of play or show, and this was definitely a great way to make up for the deficit.

After the show we found a little bakery for dessert; we’d been on the search for cupcakes, but that proved fruitless. I had a mini key lime pie, which was delicious, probably the best I’ve ever had. My mouth is still drooling just thinking about it.

All in all, quite a successful and fun day. I always enjoy my time with Alli, and this extended day together made up for all the time we haven’t been able to spend together lately. It’s weird knowing that she’s moving, as well, but I’ve consoled myself by making her a handy little map of things she should see and do while living in Spartanburg.


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