Two Weeks Notice

2 Jul

I gave a little more than two weeks notice, as my AmeriCorps time with the Museum was always on a timetable, but Tuesday was my last official day at work. It’s weird to be moving on, like it hasn’t really set in yet. I think it would be different if I were staying here, to move on to school or a different job, but the fact is that everything in my life is about to change. This was just the first concrete sign that the times, they are a changin’.

I spent most of the morning packing up my office. There wasn’t much to pack up, of course, since most everything belongs to the Museum. There was the odd pencil holder, folder, mousepad, etc. to pack up, but all in all not too much. I also spent the day organizing the calendar and making copies for everyone so they know what’s going on, Outreach-wise, for the rest of the summer. I definitely wanted to make sure that things didn’t slack off just because I was leaving. Someone will step in to take my place, and things will keep going, just as they have for the past 18 months.

After spending the morning packing and organizing, the staff had organized a potluck party for me and the executive director, who’s also leaving, coincidentally. I guess you could say it was an emotional day around the Museum. Everyone had brought in various salads and casserole dishes, and they’d even ordered barbeque from a great local restaurant. It was an excellent lunch, for sure. There were even some former employees that came for the party to say goodbye, ones that I hadn’t ever worked with but have gotten to know through various Museum events and such. We basically spend the entire day eating and chatting. I don’t think anyone got much work done that day. It was such a lovely day, and a nice sendoff. It’s still hard to believe I won’t see them on a daily basis anymore.


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