Conspiracy Theory

30 Jun

It’s geeky to think about conspiracy theories, right? Well, today’s Plinky prompt inspires me to think so: What conspiracy theory do you believe in?

If you’ve read Angels and Demons or The Da Vinci Code, you know about the wild theories and codes solved by Robert Langdon, put down by some of the greatest religious, philosophical, scientific, and artistic minds in history. While I wouldn’t necessarily say I believe that Jesus was married and has a legitimate bloodline, I do subscribe to the theory that history is full of twists and turns that are stranger than fiction. We’ll never know the answers to these crazy quesitons, but I do think it’s possible that ancient relics and facts have been buried throughout history, making it impossible for us to discover them. So I guess I’m taking a cop-out here. I’m not saying I believe these kinds of conspiracy theories. I’m saying that I’m open to the idea that history is complicated, that the world is full of questions without an answer, and that there are secrets that were never meant to be uncovered.

We aren’t meant to know or understand everything. There are mysteries in the world that will never be solved. And we shouldn’t limit our imaginations to thinking that we’re capable of figuring it all out. It’s possible that there are buried treasures out there, both tangible and theoretical, and it’s fascinating to think about what history has done to them. But we won’t ever know the truth.


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