Geek Week

26 Jun

I’ve decided that I’m into enough geeky things now, and have been obsessing enough over them lately, to officially declare this week to be Geek Week. Over the next several days, this blog will be overtaken with geeky things, so be sure to check them out!

We can’t start any proper Geek Week without a good definition, can we?

Book smarts that outweigh social smarts, but not to the point of social ineptitude. Someone who knows more than they should about one specific subject. The people you pick on in high school but end up working for as an adult. You can tell them apart by their pale, stay-indoors skin and that ravenous glint in their eyes when they can beast you with their knowledge of random useless facts.

In other words, someone who loves something really, really a lot, whether it be popular or not. So you can be a geek about anything: Star Wars, comic books, foreign films, beards, bacon, computers, knitting, marching band, painting, microbrews. As long as it’s something you hold very dear to your heart, and have a rather expert knowledge on, you’re a geek. We all do it – there’s no shame in it.


And to get us started, here are some rather geeky links:

Think Geek: your source for all things geek.

I Love Charts: because hardly anything is geekier than guys who love charts.

Geeks Are Sexy: well, they are.

And this awesome video:


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