Stuff I Want Wednesday

22 Jun

I’ve started reading a new book that inspired today’s list: The Man Who Loved Books Too Much, which is the true story of a notorious rare book thief who stole just for the pleasure of owning books, rather than monetary gain.

Even the cover makes me lusty for books. There’s a great passage in the book that sums up my feelings about reading quite nicely. It’s also a good argument for why I’ll never buy one of those e-reader things:

 “Too few people seem to realize that books have feelings. . . But if I know one thing better than another I know this, that my books know me and love me. When of a morning I awaken I cast my eyes about my room to see how fare my beloved treasures, and as I cry cheerily to them, ‘Good-day to you, sweet friends!’ how lovingly they beam upon me, and how glad they are that my repose has been unbroken.”
-Eugene Field, The Love Affairs of a Biliomaniac, quoted in The Man Who Loved Books Too Much, Allison Hoover Bartlett

Now tell me, Nook-ers and Kindle-ers of the world, do those little machines give you that same feeling? I don’t think so. Nothing but the tattered spines and well-worn pages of books  can recreate that feeling of camaraderie, of belonging, of satisfaction.

So what do I want today? Books, of course! I already own quite a few – probably more than is wise to take with me when I move. But this is a very specific kind of book collection today – rare and antiquated books. There’s just something so lovely about those glittering spines that makes them enticing and inviting, like old friends. Today I want my own library of beautiful books.

Just look at how pretty they all look, lined up together. It’s almost enough to make me want to become a notorious book thief myself.

And of course, the library that every girl saw and considered spending the rest of her life with an ugly beast as a good trade-off…


One Response to “Stuff I Want Wednesday”

  1. Grace 22 June, 2011 at 12:12 pm #

    I still want the Beast’s library. It’s something I never outgrow.

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