Ten Things Tuesday – June 21

21 Jun

Remember last week, when I rounded up my current man crushes? Well, today we’re doing the girl crush version (PS, see last year’s picks!):

1. Emma Watson
I can’t tell you how much I wish I had her life. She’s gorgeous and talented and smart and British. I love, love, love her. She seems so much older than 21. I’m even jealous of her cute pixie haircut. I’m not brave enough for that, but she most definitely is.

2. Keri Russell
As mentioned, I’ve been watching Felicity lately. I can’t get over her delicate features and her hair. I even love it when it’s super-curly, and super-short. She’s just so pretty.

3. Stana Katic
Remember when I said I’m obsessed with Castle? Did you think I was kidding? Because I’m not.

4. Jennifer Lawrence
Still think she’s not up to playing Katniss?

5. Kate and Pippa
Yeah, I put them together as one pick, but I just couldn’t choose between them! Could you? They’re both so elegant and stylish. One of the things I like about them is that, while being super-famous, still look approachable. And they often shop at affordable stores.

6. Marion Cotillard
There’s so much depth to her eyes, it’s ridiculous. Every time I see her in a movie or in a picture she looks like she’s staring right into my soul. Call her the 21st century Mona Lisa.

7. Penelope Cruz
Girl can wear the heck out of a dress.


8. Hayley Atwell
I recently discovered her in Pillars of the Earth. Not only is she beautiful, but she can hold her own against a bunch of burly men. She’s no damsel in distress.

9. Emma Stone
She really blew it out of the water in Easy A. She’s fiesty and spicy, just like a redhead should be. Not to mention she has some fierce fashion sense. 

10. Eva Mendes
I’ll just let this speak for itself…


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