Ten Things Tuesday – June 14

14 Jun

A while ago, I did a list of the sexiest men alive, followed closely by the sexiest women. While I’d still keep the majority of these fine specimens of beauty on my list, I thought I’d do an updated version. After all, tastes change, new discoveries are made, and new favorites rotate in. Maybe it’s the summer heat, but I’m feeling rather lusty, what with this second of three “crush” lists. Keeping my everlasting affections for Paul McCartney, Mike Rowe, and John Krasinski to a minimum, here’s my current list of man crushes:

1. Nathan Fillion
I have been watching a ridiculous amount of him lately. I ordered the Castle DVDs and have been watching through all the episodes (which is a fantastic series, by the way). I’ve watched Firefly on Netflix, as well as the Serenity movie. I’ve seen Dr. Horrible. Not to mention the countless YouTube videos of him doing various things. I absolutely cannot get enough of him! He is, to use an oft-repeated phrase, ruggedly handsome. He’s smart, witty, charming, and just a genuinely nice guy. Combine that with the fact that he’s a bit of a dork – in a good way – and you’ve basically got the perfect man. This crush may have grown to an unhealthy level…

2. Anthony Bourdain
I’ve professed my love for him before, but I thought I’d add him here because he didn’t make the cut last time. Probably because I wasn’t really into his snarkiness or his cavalier attitude. But beyond all the punk and badass, he’s actually eloquent and really passionate about great food everywhere he goes. Had I been growing up in Jersey in the 70s, I probably would have harbored a secret, unrequited crush on this bad boy. Why are they so irresistible?

3. Leonardo DiCaprio
OK, so he’s popping up on the list for a second time. Maybe even in the same spot. Whatever, I don’t care. I recently re-watched Inception, and he’s earned his spot again. Remind me again why he’s never won an Oscar?

4. Chris O’Dowd
It’s probably his character from Bridesmaids that I have such a crush on. The Irish accent also doesn’t hurt, either. I just can’t get enough of those European men.

5. Johnny Depp
I’ve only recently come to appreciate the ridiculously talented Mr. Depp. Other girls picked up on his charm and his sexiness long before I did, but I’m glad that I finally came around. It used to just be the Jack Sparrow getup that did it for me, but now I find him all-around attractive. It’s probably how talented he is.

6. Scott Speedman
I’ve been watching all the episodes of Felicity lately with a friend, and the character of Ben is just too cute. He’s the brooding type, for sure. It’s a tough call between Noel and Ben, but the former I’d pick as just the good friend. I swoon a little every time Ben smiles…

7. Mark Salling
He might just be the finest thing since sliced bread. Bad comparison, but you get the idea, right? I would jump all over Noah Puckerman in a heartbeat, fully aware of the inevitable heartbreak I would suffer. I think it would be well worth it, though, because of how smokin’ hot he is. Shallow, I know, but I’d settle for just a few confidence-boosting hours.

8. Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Now there’s someone who grew up looking a little awkward but turned out a dapper gentleman. As I mentioned, I recently re-watched Inception. And 500 Days of Summer. And 10 Things I Hate About You. He is yummy.


9. Matthew Morrison
If the only proof you need is his version of the Thong Song, well, there you go.

10. Prince Harry
Call it a Royal Wedding Hangover if you will. Growing up I was always a William fan, but as they’ve gotten older, Harry has definitely become the more attractive of the two. Just as well, because he’s the one who’s still single. Excellent.

Stay tuned for next week’s follow-up…


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