Jumping Through Hoops

19 May

Today marks a monumental occasion. After weeks of trying to get all my medical records together for GW health services, I can finally mail the form back, knowing it’s never going to come back to my house.

How do I know this?

Because it already came back once.

My mom spent many hours on the phone before mailing it, getting documentation that I’ve had the chicken pox. Apparently kids don’t get chicken pox anymore – did you know that? I certainly didn’t. Back in the day, everyone got it; there wasn’t a vaccine for it, so you just hoped your kids got it before they were old enough to scratch and pick at the sores. I have no memory of having chicken pox, but I do have a few scars to prove it. Anyway, it took forever to get documented proof of that, because my pediatrician doesn’t have my medical records anymore. My next doctor had all other documentation of my shots and medical history, except chicken pox, because I’d had them already by the time I started going there. Of course, my current doctor couldn’t sign off on that, either. I don’t know how she did it, but eventually my mom got that part of my form signed.

We thought we were in the clear.

We thought wrong.

We missed the part on the form about having to have a current meningitis shot. As in, within the last 5 years. Wouldn’t you know, mine was June 2005, after high school graduation, getting ready to go to Converse. So, the form came back, with that specific detail highlighted. You know what that means, right? I had to have a meningitis shot. Well, apparently my current doctor (the lady doctor, if you know what I mean) doesn’t do those shots. Neither do the first assist people. I would have gone to my mom’s internist, but they weren’t taking any new patients. Finally my mom discovered I could get the shot at the health department. So we go down there, make an appointment, everything’s fine. I show up a few days later, bright and early in the morning, ready to get it overwith. Except that the health department doesn’t give meningitis boosters if you had one after age 16. Why, I have no idea. So I basically wasted an hour in the health department, waiting to for nothing.

Very luckily, and I suspect in a bending of the rules, my mom’s internists decided to accept me as a patient. So this morning, I headed off there instead of work, to finally get my meningitis shot, my form signed, and mailed off. I hate getting shots – I can’t watch when it happens. It wasn’t the worst thing in the world, and my arm isn’t really that sore anymore. I’m just glad to have it overwith. And even more importantly, I’m glad to finally have that form completely filled out, accurate, and out of my life.

Seriously, it shouldn’t have been this much of a hassle to track down my medical records and then find someone to give me a measly shot. If, after this, I end up with meningitis, I will be so pissed.


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