Ten Things Tuesday – May 17

17 May

Ten favorite college memories, which I’m nostalgic for after going to Converse graduation this past weekend:

1. Living with all your best friends. College is a strange environment, in which you live on your own as an adult, but live so close to all your best friends that it’s like a perpetual slumber party. Well, at least it was that way for me. I so enjoyed having all my favorite people so close to me all the time. It’s rather lonely now without them.

2. Long dining hall conversations and spontaneous performances. We had some of the best, most hilarious dinner conversations in the dining hall. Often we’d sit there for hours after we finished eating, just talking about whatever and avoiding work for as long as possible. Often these conversations ended with spontaneous performances from one of my many musically-talented friends. Somehow dinner with my family just doesn’t compare.

3. Late-night trips to fast food restaurants, and subsequently eating in inappropriate locations. We affectionately called it Lonely Fat Girls Club. You didn’t necessarily need to be overweight to join. In fact, membership was contingent only on your willingness to drive to Taco Bell at 1 am and then take it to some inappropriate location to eat. These locations could include but were not limited to: the sex toy/lingerie store down the street, a park, in front of a professor’s house, a school parking lot, on the quad…

4. Our triple room in Pell. This truly was the best room on campus. Sure, the rest of the building was basically falling apart and perpetually had a weird smell, but it was the biggest, best room ever. We had an enormous walk-in closet, an entryway where we kept our dressers and had a kitchen area, and enough space for all our beds and futon/living area. I miss that room more than words can say. It was the site of our fort-building endeavors and so much mischief.

5. Big Sis/Lil Sis. Nothing can describe the sense of community at Converse, and nothing is more effective at creating it than BS/LS. I owe so much to my big sister and my two little sisters. Life at Converse wouldn’t have been the same without them. Much like a sorority has, every graduating class comes in as little sisters and gets little sisters as juniors. It’s a crazy fun time in your school career. I wish words did it justice.

6. My art therapy supervision class. When things got to be too much to handle, it was always nice to have this supportive, understanding group of people to turn to. It ended up being little therapy sessions for ourselves, almost. I made some very dear friends in this class that were special to me in a way my roommates and non-major friends couldn’t be. We were all in the same field, and we all got it. We had a very close bond, and it made our major all that more exciting.

7. Riding around Spartanburg with Melody. I feel like I probably saw more of that town than other people who moved there just for school. When she graduated a year before us, these rides became more and more frequent. Being from Spartanburg, she knew where she was going all the time. These clandestine adventures never disappointed. I miss the feeling of thinking I was going to die in her old car. These adventures often resulted in some kind of sketchiness happening, because, let’s face it, Spartanburg is one of the sketchiest places around. It was a rare time we would venture off-campus that something insane didn’t happen.

8. Late-night dorm happenings. I always used to say that someone should put cameras in our dorms and make a reality TV show. It would have been so entertaining for everyone. It’s amazing the things you will do to entertain yourself when you’re avoiding studying.

9. My professors. Most people can’t say they miss their classes that much, or their professors. But Converse has some of the best professors in the world. They’re not world-famous or anything, but their caring and passion for their students and their fields is unmatched. There are some I wish I’d gotten to know better, some I feel very close to. It’s a great many of them that I miss.

10. Full Moon. I don’t even need to explain. Mostly because it’s secret and I can’t, but even if I could, I wouldn’t be able to fully express it. You just have to be a member of the club.


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