Round Robin

12 May

Plinky prompt of the day: You’re gathering signatures for a petition. What’s your cause?

I’m starting a petition to repeal those terrible No Child Left Behind policies, completely overhaul our education system to one that actually benefits kids and encourages teachers, directing the blame for failing schools away from teachers and demanding accountability from parents, and a serious investigation of the effectiveness of all those standardized tests.

I don’t know exactly what this form would look like – it sounds complicated, I know. It’s a lot to fit onto one form. But something has to be done around here – kids are growing up dumber than ever, allowed to slide by because of terrible policies in the education system. Teachers are blamed for every shortcoming of kids who just aren’t going to be college-bound. Parents let their kids do anything they want, except homework. It’s just awful, the state of our public education system. I believe it can work for the good of those involved, but not in its current condition. We have lawmakers who barely remember being students, and have never once set foot inside a classroom to teach. Are these the people we really want making laws about the future of the country? Not me. I’m starting a petition right now to change all this. Who’s with me?


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