28 Apr

These next few weeks are going to be absolutely insane at work. I already feel like I’m never at the Museum, living in my t-shirts, and don’t have any time to actually get anything done.

I’m in the middle of finishing up my last round of Coalition programs, which have been going well so far. They just take up so much of my time, and cause me to work late almost every day. I also had a ton of Financial Literacy programs this week out at a county school – three full days of talking about money with loud, wiggly Kindergarten through 2nd grade kids! That made multiple school visits in one day, something I try very hard to avoid, but oftentimes find myself agreeing to do anyway. It’s made me more than a little crazy this week. Not to mention the small window of time I have to eat lunch.

Today we had a science day at a school here in town. It went very well – I had two educators with me, so I didn’t have to try to be in three places at once. That’s kind of impossible to do…

I have to work this Saturday and next, giving me two back-to-back six-day work weeks. Doesn’t that sound fun? I’d ask for your pity, but I’ve done this to myself entirely. I didn’t have to agree to do all this madness, yet I find myself having a hard time saying no. I counted, and in the next three weeks, I have over 25 different places to be. That doesn’t count the days when I’ll be giving multiple programs; for instance, the two conservation camps where, at minimum, I’ll do 9 or 12 programs each day. Or the multiple BioFuels and science day lessons scheduled. That probably brings the total closer to about 40 or 50. I don’t know how I do all this. I probably balance out working all the time with having absolutely no social life.

Let’s just hope I can make it through the next few weeks. About the third week of May, when all the craziness finally settles down, I can relax a bit and maybe even take some days off. As schools start to close for the summer, there will be less and less for me to do. Of course, this is just the transition period between the end of school and the start of summer programs in the area. It’s just that right now is that time of year when everyone is done with testing, but still has to be in school a few more weeks. Teachers are looking for things for their students to do, to take up time, and having me come and visit is the perfect solution. It makes me very, very busy.

In case you were wondering, I’m currently scheduling on a 4-week advance. Yeah, it’s that crazy.



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