The Wedding of the Century

18 Apr

I’m sure everyone is tired of hearing about the royal wedding next week, but secretly I’m quite excited about it. Of course we’ve been seeing lots of news specials about the royal family, the romance of William and Kate, and speculation about how she will compare to Diana. I don’t know much about Kate Middleton, besides what I’ve learned in the past few weeks from TV, but I do like her very much. She’s beautiful and stylish and classy – everything you think a princess should be. And doesn’t William, who suffered such heartbreak as a young man, deserve love and happiness? I think so.

Although I am torn, though – there’s a large part of me that wants to watch the wedding, while another part says that way too much attention and pressure are being given to this couple who, given the choice, would probably want to have a small, private affair among their closest friends and family. They both seem to handle the attention well, though. Being royal is different from just being famous – it’s something you’re born into, rather than a career or a choice. And it’s not as though your star will fade messily into oblivion – it’s a lifetime gig.

I’m rooting for William and Kate, though. I really hope they work, because they seem so in love and so determined to keep their private lives just that – private. They might be in the public eye and the future king and queen of England, but they are still a young couple in love. They deserve a normal life of happiness, too. Even though they will never, compared to everyday standards, have a normal life. Stripped down of tiaras and sceptres, they are just people, wanting to love and be loved. Kings and commoners alike can agree: we all want just that.

Who am I kidding, though. I’ll probably be awake at 4 in the morning to watch the whole spectacle.


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