The Grass is Always Greener

16 Apr

I’m happy to report that I’m now on the other side of Earth Day, and the grass really is greener now that it’s over. The event went far better than I had anticipated, which truthfully wasn’t a very high bar. There were even more people in attendance than last year, we ended up with way more volunteers than we knew were coming, and there were no major or minor catastrophes. I’d call that a raging success any day.

I have to say, we were really sweating out having enough volunteers for the event. The person responsible for recruiting the majority of them didn’t pull her weight, leaving us hanging and literally helpless at the last minute. By an act of God, we were able to find enough people looking to help out at the last minute, and they ended up being real life-savers. There’s no way we could have pulled that off without our volunteers.

I’m just so glad we ended up with a successful event. I’m even more glad that I don’t have to do it again next year. Maybe I’m stressing over it too much, or being too much of a control freak, but it really has caused a lot of turmoil in my life each time I’ve had to do it. I hope that whoever ends up replacing me at the Museum decides not to continue having such an involved role with Earth Day. It takes up an incredible amount of time that could be spent doing other, more pertinent things. It’s not directly related to the Outreach program, nor does it really benefit the Museum. Like I said, I’m just glad it’s not my problem any more!


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