14 Apr

We’re getting down to the final days before Earth Day. I don’t even really want to think about it anymore; I just want it to go well and I’m so tired of worrying about it. We had our last meeting before the day tonight, which seemed to take forever. We’re still not sure how many volunteers we’re going to have, a problem you don’t really want to have two days before anything. It’s long days like this, when I don’t have dinner until very late, and lock up the museum myself, that I feel like I have no life. I’m more than 100% committed to my job. I mean, I can’t always say no to things, just because I don’t feel like doing them, can I? I guess I just have a hard time separating my work life with everything else. I’m getting a little burnt out, too.

This morning I had a quick meeting with all the local elementary school principals to talk about a new grant opportunity we have at the museum. It’s an exciting thing, but at the same time will require a lot of prep time and extra work. I don’t know how I get myself into these things. Maybe they won’t take me up on my offer… Anyway, you’d think it would be a stressful thing, to have to stand up in front of these important educators and speak professionally. It just doesn’t bother me anymore, with the amount of public speaking I’ve done in the past year or so. Nothing really phases me anymore, I guess.

After our very long meeting tonight, I had dinner with Alli. It’s been a while since our last dinner date. I think we’re averaging about one per month right now. Which is great, of course, because we’re both so busy all the time. She’s always got some kind of something going on in her life, whether it’s her sisters, her dad and his dates, her in-laws, or something at work. There’s always something, and it’s always fun to hear about it. Spending time with her, no matter how little, is always great.


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