A Post in Which I Geek Out

10 Apr

I’ve been enjoying my Felicity-watching dates with Nikki. After Lost, it’s quite a different series to go through, but I’m really liking it. I remember watching parts of the first and second seasons when it first came out, when I was maybe in middle school or something. It’s kind of nice to watch it now, having been through college and now preparing for graduate school. I feel like I can really relate to Felicity, moving to an entirely new city. Of course, I’m not following a high school crush, but still. The newness and excitement of a grand adventure are there. I’m moving somewhere completely different, far away enough from my family that I can’t easily go see them whenever I want. It’s a bit scary, but the thrilling kind of scary. If I don’t do it now, I might never get another chance. Just like Felicity. I’ve always really liked Keri Russell and thought she was just so beautiful. I’m jealous of her hair, too.

I also finished reading The Hunger Games trilogy this week. I went looking for the second and third books, which were easily found in local bookstores. I discovered that neither of them is out in paperback yet, to match my copy of the first book. I’m funny that way about books; they have to all be in a matching set. Either all hardback or all paperbacks. So then my search lead me to the best deal on a set of hardcover books. Amazon was the best location for that, and I just got them all in the mail the other day. I may or may not have stayed up very late on Thursday and read all of Catching Fire from cover to cover… And by that, I totally did. I think the last time I read a book all in one sitting was Harry Potter. Although nothing could live up to that, The Hunger Games comes very close. It’s definitely an attention-grabber, mostly because you can’t believe what’s actually happening. In that sense, it reminds me very much of Lord of the Flies – a bunch of kids put in an extreme situation, to see who lasts the longest. I think it’s a fair warning about what might happen if we let the government control too much of our lives. And give me complex Katniss over vapid Bella Swan any day.

By the way, I was rooting for Peeta the entire time.

I don’t know how I feel about the movie casting yet – the books are still too fresh to fully set in. And I haven’t seen any of those actors in a movie, besides Josh Hutcherson in Little Manhattan when he was like 10. That’s not even the same, it was so long ago. Anyway, I’m still pretty excited about it; I think it will be insane to see all that actually happening on screen. It’s one thing to see it in your head, and quite another to see it come to live in front of your eyes. It’s a long way off, but I can’t wait.


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