Part of a Complete Breakfast

9 Apr

I might have just created the most wonderful and delicious cupcake ever. It’s French toast, with real maple syrup (not that corn syrup stuff you get at the grocery store) and candied bacon. It’s breakfast for dessert. What could be better than that? The recipe, inspired by others found online, is below for your enjoyment.

Speaking of breakfast, it’s been a rather breakfast/brunch-centric past few days. I had breakfast with Amanda yesterday, before work. We’ve both been insanely busy and haven’t seen much of each other recently, so it was nice to catch up. Her life, as usual, is crazy with schoolwork and interesting friend stories. It’s safe to say that sometimes I don’t envy her life! I’m glad that, no matter how much time has passed, we can talk and hang out like it was just yesterday we last saw each other. We’re very different – sometimes I think it’s amazing we’ve gotten so close – but I think it’s one of those opposites attract things. We balance each other out as friends.

The last bit of breakfast-related happenings is Hot Tea and Totes, which we had this morning. It’s a fundraiser we have in the spring for the Museum, kind of a ladies’ lunch with a purse auction. It’s a fun, girly event that I enjoy helping with, if only to get dressed up much more than I have excuse to on a daily basis. This year’s theme was cooking, which of course I enjoyed very much. Our speaker this year was the chef who prepared our meal – a French chef who cooks for the fanciest hotel in town. He’s funny and charming in that French way, of course. My mom and grandmother attended the event. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves, I think. I’m somewhat sad that I won’t get to be there for it next year.

It’s been a breakfast-filled and delicious couple of days. And now, as promised, the ultimate breakfast-inspired cupcake:

(Just a quick note: while I did make this recipe up, it got a few tweaks here and there. I was rather liberal with my use of maple syrup. Feel free to add just as much as you’d like.)


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