Ten Things Tuesday – April 5

5 Apr

Ten random recent happenings, for lack of anything more creative this week.

1. Last Wednesday, my brother turned 21. I don’t know if he had some wild, raucous party at school, but I wouldn’t doubt it. Because of his birthday, my mom and I drove down to Columbia on Saturday and spent the day with him. It was nice to get out of town, if only for a short weekend.

2. While in Columbia, we went to a baseball game, the first one I’ve been to in many years. The weather was gorgeous – sunny and warm – just perfect for baseball. It made me excited about the possibility of seeing Nationals games in DC next year. Did you know that South Carolina is the defending world champion in college baseball? It’s true – we took pictures of their pretty trophy inside the stadium.

3. We brought the gorgeous spring weather back with us, but it only lasted through yesterday. Last night we had a very big storm, lots of thunder and lightning, that brought back the cold and rainy weather. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say I was living in Ireland right now. I say this every day, but I’m so over the bad weather. I just wish spring would man up and drive winter away!

4. On Sunday, my parents celebrated their 29th anniversary. I can’t even believe it’s been that long – not that I’ve been around long enough to see that. It’s quite a long time.

5. On our way down to visit James, we stopped by the Converse campus to see the new apartment housing they just finished building. I’m quite jealous – it’s absolutely gorgeous. I wish I’d been able to live there. We didn’t get to see inside, of course. I might have an opportunity for that coming up very soon.

6. Speaking of opportunities, I might have found some roommates at GW. Keep your fingers crossed.

7. Last week I ordered the DVD of Pillars of the Earth, and my mom and I spent our free time this weekend watching all of it. We were instantly addicted; we even brought it with us to Columbia to watch on my computer. It’s very different from the book, but I liked it very much. I’m glad I just went ahead and bought it – it’s a new favorite.

8. It’s kind of a slow week at work right now. I don’t have any programs scheduled for this week, so I’m helping with other projects and trying to get a head start on upcoming events. We have a big fundraiser this weekend, which should be very girlie and lots of fun. Earth Day is also coming up, which is an entirely different story…

9. I’m planning to come up with a recipe for French toast cupcakes, complete with candied bacon. It will definitely be on the top, but I’d love to figure out how to put in inside the cupcake, too…

10. I have been very irresponsible with this year’s Project 365, and fallen miserably behind. I desperately need to catch up. It’s weird to think about putting together an outfit in the morning and knowing it won’t end up on my blog by the evening.


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