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Tea for Two

30 Apr

My mom and I got up very early yesterday to watch the royal wedding. I made fresh lemon-lavender scones (complete with clotted cream!) the night before, and we planned to make hot tea and a delicious new spinach, ham and egg recipe to complete our little breakfast celebration. After my mom went to bed before getting up so early, I set up this delightful little tea party in our living room, so we could watch the wedding in style. Sadly, we didn’t have any hats or fascinators to complete our look. We still felt like royalty, though. And I must say, our selection of food was delicious!


This is What my Heart Looks Like:

29 Apr

What, you really didn’t think I’d skip out on all the Royal Wedding fun, did you? I was most definitely up at 4 am to watch all the festivities. And I may or may not have set up a full tea party set up in the living room for me and my mom… I just couldn’t pass up posting about it, what with this being an especially important Photo Finish Friday.  Just a few of my favorites from the day:

Four of the best-looking siblings on the planet, wearing four of the most amazing outfits on the planet.

I’m now obsessed with hats, thanks to all the posh examples I’ve seen all day. (PS, I also would not say no to a dashing British gentleman…)

A beautiful, romantic moment, with a tiny bridesmaid keepin’ it real.


28 Apr

These next few weeks are going to be absolutely insane at work. I already feel like I’m never at the Museum, living in my t-shirts, and don’t have any time to actually get anything done.

I’m in the middle of finishing up my last round of Coalition programs, which have been going well so far. They just take up so much of my time, and cause me to work late almost every day. I also had a ton of Financial Literacy programs this week out at a county school – three full days of talking about money with loud, wiggly Kindergarten through 2nd grade kids! That made multiple school visits in one day, something I try very hard to avoid, but oftentimes find myself agreeing to do anyway. It’s made me more than a little crazy this week. Not to mention the small window of time I have to eat lunch.

Today we had a science day at a school here in town. It went very well – I had two educators with me, so I didn’t have to try to be in three places at once. That’s kind of impossible to do…

I have to work this Saturday and next, giving me two back-to-back six-day work weeks. Doesn’t that sound fun? I’d ask for your pity, but I’ve done this to myself entirely. I didn’t have to agree to do all this madness, yet I find myself having a hard time saying no. I counted, and in the next three weeks, I have over 25 different places to be. That doesn’t count the days when I’ll be giving multiple programs; for instance, the two conservation camps where, at minimum, I’ll do 9 or 12 programs each day. Or the multiple BioFuels and science day lessons scheduled. That probably brings the total closer to about 40 or 50. I don’t know how I do all this. I probably balance out working all the time with having absolutely no social life.

Let’s just hope I can make it through the next few weeks. About the third week of May, when all the craziness finally settles down, I can relax a bit and maybe even take some days off. As schools start to close for the summer, there will be less and less for me to do. Of course, this is just the transition period between the end of school and the start of summer programs in the area. It’s just that right now is that time of year when everyone is done with testing, but still has to be in school a few more weeks. Teachers are looking for things for their students to do, to take up time, and having me come and visit is the perfect solution. It makes me very, very busy.

In case you were wondering, I’m currently scheduling on a 4-week advance. Yeah, it’s that crazy.


Stuff I Want Wednesday

27 Apr

Today I’m lusting over this pretty, sparkly nail polish from butter LONDON. It’s a gorgeous purple and gray shade that’s fit for a princess. It also happens to be a special-edition shade made just in honor of the royal wedding titled No More Waity, Katie. I might just need it for that simple fact right there…

Ten Things Tuesday – April 26

26 Apr

Today is a sad post day. You’ve been warned, so if you don’t want to keep reading, I don’t blame you. I do think that writing about it can be a cathartic process, so that’s what I’m doing: I’m letting out all the bottled-up emotion I haven’t been able to express the past few days. Ten reasons I am sad today:

1. I am most sad today for the baby chick that has been living at my house for the past day and a half. My mom hatched chicken eggs in her classroom last week, one of which needed some help getting out of its shell. You’re not really supposed to do this, but he was still alive one day after pipping, and we just had to try to rescue him. He was very weak and looked almost deformed, so we weren’t hopeful that he’d make it. I can’t stand to see a living creature suffering, though, but I had no idea what to do. We kept him warm and gave him food and water, though I don’t know how much of it he was able to eat. I did try to give him water in a dropper last night. My mom woke me up this morning to tell me that he’d died sometime during the night. It’s not a surprise, but it’s still very sad. For two days, he was my little buddy. It is a bitter reminder of the cycle of life, in this season of birth and renewal.

2. I am sad that I don’t have a closer relationship with my brother. I know, guys are a lot more guarded and less social than girls, but sometimes it really hurts to feel cast aside by him. Especially when I want to help, and he’s unwilling to accept it. Sometimes I’m not even sure if he loves me; my mom insists that he does, despite his ability to show it. I see the great, close relationships my friends have with their siblings – granted, they’re nearly all sisters – and I envy that. Living at home these past two years, without my brother and with very little contact with him, makes me feel like an only child. Maybe one day we’ll have that good relationship that I want, but for now, he’s like a stranger to me.

3. I am sad that people are so rude and entitled that they feel the need to cause trouble and pick a fight with others who mean them no harm. If you come home to find that the guest of a neighbor is parked in “your” spot, despite not having assigned parking, don’t park directly behind them for hours, waiting for them to come ask you to move their car in the event of starting a fight. It’s quite tacky and frankly just makes you look awful. Don’t just assume that people are out to get you, and entice them into a confrontation.

4. I am sad that I have made no recent effort to get to the gym or eat the way I should. I know better, I have done better. I have just become complacent and comfortable, and now I feel awful.

5. I am sad that I haven’t taken more risks in my life.

6. I am sad that I cannot find a good balance between working and having a social life. I don’t feel like I’ve tried really hard, either. I fear that this inability to put in enough time for friends, family, and “me” time will translate into grad school and my future career. I can see myself becoming one of those people who live to work, instead of working to live. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy my current job and am looking forward to my future career as an art therapist. I just worry that I’ll never find that balance of a work life and a life outside it.

7. I am sad that I have let my hobbies and interests fall by the wayside. When was the last time I painted anything? Probably at Governor’s School two summers ago. When was the last time I sat down to knit, or make jewelry? Ages ago, to the point where I’m not sure I even remember how to knit. When was the last time I did anything outside or outdoorsy, which I’ve realized lately I dearly miss? Can’t remember. I have done nothing, nothing, for two years except sit around and watch TV, work, or go to the gym. Sure, there’s been the occasional road trip and things like that, but it’s been such a long time that I feel I have become a boring hermit.

8. I am sad that I am not a more affectionate person. Most of the time I’m guarded and don’t like my personal space invaded. I’m surprisingly very private about my life and my emotions with my close friends and family. It’s hard to keep all that to myself sometimes, but I do it anyway because it’s easier than being vulnerable. I know that if I was more open in general, I wouldn’t feel so lonely.

9. I am sad that I don’t make great efforts to stay in touch with my college friends. I say this all the time, but nothing ever changes.

10. I am sad that I cannot go into the next two very busy, very stressful weeks with a better attitude. It’s a lot of logistical planning and preparation with very little time to complete it. It’s a little overwhelming, to tell you the truth. I’m only one person – there’s only so much I can do – and I don’t know how I got myself into this crazy schedule. It stresses me out just to look at my schedule, nevermind actually doing any of it.

Law of Averages

25 Apr

Here’s a really cool project about what the “average” woman from 41 different countries looks like. The organization responsible for this is called Face Research. These images were made using superimposed photos and computer retouching. It’s interesting to see them all put together. I don’t know how many women they compiled to get an “average,” but it’s rather interesting to note that they are all fairly attractive and young. Just goes to show you that all people are beautiful in some way, regardless of skin color, hair color, eye shape, or any of those things that cause so much disagreement.

See the full version of this picture here.

Sibling Rivalry

24 Apr

My brother was home this weekend for Easter. It’s always strange to have him home because I’m so used to life without him here. I guess that’s how he felt when I was away at school, and now our roles are reversed. It’s very much one of those “out of sight out of mind” things.

He was in kind of a funny mood while home, because he and his girlfriend recently broke up. I have no idea why, or when, and I don’t think I’ll ever get answers to those questions. He’s very private about his life; he barely shares anything with us at all. He’s always been that way, so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. I tried to talk to him a little bit about it, but he didn’t say much. Granted, my timing was a little off, but there wasn’t ever really a good time to talk about it the whole weekend.

It really upsets me that he won’t talk to me about things. I know he’s a guy and they’re far less likely to be in a talkative mood, but you’d think that coming home to see your family just after a breakup, you’d at least mention it? I mean, he didn’t even tell me it had happened; my mom did that. I don’t feel very close to him at all, and don’t always feel like he supports me. It’s very different, having a brother. Almost all my really close friends have sisters, with just one exception. They’re all really close – they have that special bond that only forms between sisters. I don’t know what that’s like at all. I don’t know how to be close to a sibling. When we were younger, we fought sometimes, but not an unhealthy amount. We just didn’t have much in common, or have the same friends. We’re three and a half years apart, which is just enough time to keep us at different schools the majority of our lives, and into very different things at different stages. I wish I’d grown up closer to my brother. I basically grew up without cousins, and sometimes I feel like I’m an only child.

It’s a tough thing, to feel like you’re not close with your sibling. I see all the great relationships my friends have with their siblings, and I’m jealous of that. Granted, they’re all sisters, which is an entirely different relationship. I have no idea what that feels like, and I wish I did. I’m not saying that I wish my brother was actually a sister, but it would be nice to feel like you’re best friends with your siblings. Right now, I feel like an only child. I live here with my parents alone, I barely talk to my brother at all, and he’s so private that he’s like a complete mystery to me. I hope that as we get older we can be closer and be better friends.