An Inconvenient Truth

27 Mar

I must confess that I have been cheating somewhat to keep up appearances. In order appear to have not fallen off the face of the earth – or at least the blogosphere – I have backdated several recent posts to get them out of my Drafts folder and off my to-do list. Playing catch-up is so hard to do sometimes. I admit that I’ve really been too busy to do much of anything lately besides working. For that I am sorry, to you but mostly to my myself. I miss having my creative outlet when I don’t take advantage of it. I find that life gets monotonous, and one day fades into the next without me stopping to appreciate the moment. It’s days like this that are easy to forget, because they are uneventful an boring. They are, unfortunately, far too numerous these days.

Despite my backdating in an attempt to keep up with posting, I haven’t really posted anything about myself in a good two weeks. Here’s a brief little update:

I have done more BioFuels outreaches than I care to recount. I’ve finally finished the required number for the grant, meaning I’m finished with all of that. Now I have to move on to the next big project, which is, unfortunately, also BioFuels-related. It never ends. I have done a St. Patrick’s Day workshop for kids on spring break, outside of the Museum. This is the first time we’ve ever done anything like that. It was fun, but definitely different. I have been to a board meeting after work. I have been to a Blue Plum meeting after work, for a second-consecutive long day. I have not really been working on Earth Day, mostly because I’m too busy, but also in the hopes that someone will take the lead and lift some of the responsibility off of me. This sounds lazy, but it needs to happen that way, as it isn’t really in my job description to plan Earth Day all on my own. Besides BioFuels, I have done several other Outreach programs in the area. One of these was an all-day, 5-program package of Eat a Rainbow, which required hours and hours and hours of prep work. Two words: never again. I have also been to an after-school summer camp fair, to promote our summer camps and let kids pet the cockroaches. It’s been a very, very busy two or three weeks. No wonder I don’t feel like I have a life.

Socially, things are a little more low-key. I have had dinner with Alli, discussing graduate and medical school possibilities for the both of us. If she and Andrew end up at Virginia Tech next year, that will put her much closer to me. Definite win.

Not that this is socially related, but more personal than work: I have recovered from a mysterious eye infection resembling pink eye, with the help of antibiotic eye drops and two days of wearing glasses all day. I’m getting ready to go to Nikki’s, which I haven’t done in such a very long time. We finished Lost, with our somewhat anti-climactic finale (because of weird circumstances, not because the finale itself was anti-climactic), and have now moved on to watching Felicity. I remember watching that show years ago, but never saw the whole thing. Hopefully we’ll finish it before I move.

I’ve slowly been building up my iTunes library again. I put out a call for help on Facebook, but so far haven’t had any tangible results. Hopefully I will see some soon. I did discover, to my great delight, that I could copy about 100 missing songs from my phone back to my computer. This was a huge discovery, making me ever more indebted to that brilliant little phone. I really don’t know what I would do without it – it’s so much of a lifesaver now.

So, there you go. A very brief life update, which are harder to come by around here anymore. I don’t think my life is really all that interesting, come to think of it. But it is what it is.


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