Ten Things Tuesday – March 22

22 Mar

Ten alternate jobs/college majors I should have picked (you know, on the off-chance they let you have 10 majors):

1. Fashion Design. I really missed my calling on this one. Maybe I just like to look at fashion and wish I’d made it, rather than having an actual talent for it. But of all the fields I most desperately wish I could get into, this is it.

2. The Beatles. I love them. Probably more than a healthy amount, but whatever. I did actually take a class on them in college, and have recently found a school where you can major in Beatles studies. I’m seriously reconsidering my grad school plans for this…

3. Useless trivia. I’m a wealth of it. Not that it will ever come in handy, mind you. That’s the point of being useless trivia. Although it does help in random bar games.

4. Cupcake Baking. If I absolutely had to narrow down my baking interests and abilities, it would probably be cupcakes. I realize I’ve completely missed the boat on this fad, but hey, I live in The Middle of Nowhere. It takes a while for trends to get down to us. Anyway, I’ve become quite the proficient cupcake baker. I’m working on a couple of new recipes right now…

5. British Men. I mean really. Who wouldn’t want to major in this?

6. Anthropologie. Let’s be clear. We’re not talking about anthropolgy  here. The spelling error is intentional. I don’t need to go into more detail about how much I love this store. They pretty much own my bank account.

7. French. I’m actually quite good at speaking French, when I study and retain the information. Sadly, my French-speaking abilities have gone by the wayside, as I am a lazy American and I have not attended a French class in several years. Thus there is no reason for me to remember how to speak this language, no matter how much I want to become fluent in it.

8. The 1960s. The era that I feel I was meant to live in, even though I was not born to live in it.

9. Journalism. I don’t know how good of a writer I really am, but I do enjoy it quite a bit. I like to think that I’m clever, and people would be interested to read what I have to say. Of course, that’s a rather inflated view of myself, but nevertheless I think I would have done well as a journalist or magazine writer.

10. Personal stylist. Or personal assistant. I’m very organized, know how to get things done, and have great taste. When Melody becomes famous, I’m going to be her assistant – schedule everything, make dinner reservations, return phone calls, and tell her what to wear.


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