21 Mar

Plinky prompt of the day: What’s your greatest achievement?

The greatest achievement of my relatively short life is getting into graduate school. I say this because I haven’t actually started yet. Two years down the road, I’ll be able to say my greatest achievement is earning a Master’s degree. But for now, having earned admission to a prestigious university is a great success in my life. In addition to this, just having the courage to apply somewhere in an vibrant, urban area is a big deal for me, as well. Having the courage to move seven hours away from home, further than I’ve ever lived from my parents, to make a life for myself in a new state, in an area completely different than where I grew up, is also a big deal. I’ve never shied away from the things I really want out of life, but this scares me just a little bit. I know it’s just the nerves associated with doing something completely different, but it will pass. I felt those nerves when I first moved in to Converse, not knowing anyone at all. The nerves came back when I graduated, without a real plan for the next year, and moved back in with my parents. In both these situations, the timing was perfect; each circumstance brought me great joy and great success, despite feeling apprehensive about it. The things that are really worth doing aren’t always easy; they require sacrifice and hard work. I’ll need both of these things to successfully navigate graduate school, which I don’t think I’ll have trouble doing. I’m excited to start this next chapter in my life, at a brand-new school, in a brand-new city, with brand-new friends and co-workers. It will be a grand adventure and will give me a great sense of achievement, even better than the one I have now.


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