Shop Til You Drop

14 Mar

Plinky prompt of the day, because it’s been such a long time: Defend your vice.

It’s taken me a long time to figure out exactly what my vice is. There are several things in my life that should probably change. The one thing, though, that could be considered my biggest vice and greatest guilty pleasure is shopping. My name is Laura, and I’m a shopaholic. I wholeheartedly admit it. I’m fully addicted to “stuff.” Call me materialistic, but that’s just part of me. By no means am I a hoarder – I would classify myself as a pack rat – but I do enjoy shopping for things I love. Clothing, shoes and accessories; books and movies; kitchen utensils and home decorating things. I never tire of shopping for these things, whether in stores or online.

I’m completely addicted to all things fashion – runway shows, InStyle magazine, street style bloggers, you name it. I love it. It’s hard for me to resist a good sale. I love accessories more than almost anything, and have a ridiculous obsession with shoes. My closet isn’t filled with expensive things, but it’s enviable for the sheer volume of items in it.

None of what I’ve written thus far is actually a defense for this shopping vice, and I guess I don’t really have much of one. I will say, however, that the money I work hard for is put to good use stimulating the economy and keeping people in business. I can choose to spend my money however I want. I’m just one of those people who likes stuff; this doesn’t make me shallow or a bad person, but makes me interested in many things. I love things that have interesting stories behind them, whether in the way they were made, where they came from, or where I was when I bought it. These things are how I express myself in my personal space; look at my room and you can tell a lot of things about me instantly. I feel the need to make my world my own. There’s nothing better than coming home to your personal refuge.

It’s no secret that life takes stuff. Probably less stuff than I have – people survive on less than that every day. But I like my stuff. I feel like it’s an extension of who I am. It’s how I put myself out there to the world, the thing you see first, before you hear me talk. Take it or leave it, I love my stuff and I love shopping. It’s that never-ending, constantly evolving process of finding your style and your life.


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