Ten Things Tuesday – March 8

8 Mar

Americans are an interesting breed. We’re a melting pot of humanity, although sometimes we mix about as well as oil and water. Yes, we’re pretty contradictory, and mostly without a national identity. But there are some things that make us unique. This week, we’re focusing on ten things you’ll only find in America:

1. People who look like this, as a result of eating too much overprocessed, full of chemicals fast food:

2. Hoarders who bury themselves with trash and filth:

3. Becoming so obsessed with plastic surgery, manipulating our bodies beyond recognition:

4. We are apparently a particular species who will do anything for our 15 minutes of fame, and willingly give our attention to just about any idiot in front of a camera. Which has resulted in this:

5. Tackiness in general. Fanny packs, socks with sandals, and mom jeans:

6. Cougars:

7. Food portions the size of flying saucers:

8. Hipsters:

9. Overtanning:

10. Douchebags:


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