Reasoning with Vampires

3 Mar

Please allow me to share one of the greatest and most hilarious things I’ve ever found. A friend recently told me about Reasoning with Vampires, a Tumblr dedicated entirely to picking apart the debacle of Stephenie Meyer’s writing. Or, at least, what she likes to call writing. I have spent an unhealthy amount of time lately reading through this. I wouldn’t necessarily call it time wasted, but you be the judge of that.

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourselves for Reasoning with Vampires. I guarantee it will not disappoint. It basically sums up the entire scope of my feelings on those books, their myriad grammatical errors, and my general annoyance with Edward and Bella.

I’ll be utterly embarrassed if any of my grammar has sunk to this level.

In case you’re in need of something more to waste your time, I give you these, as well:

Mark Reads Twilight. Mark also likes to read Harry Potter and The Hunger Games. I haven’t read his commentary on them nearly as much as Twilight, but I’m sure it cannot be quite so scathing.

Alex Reads Twilight. I’m quite certain that Alex might just be my British soulmate. He’s absolutely hysterical, and dead-on in his commentary.


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