Ten Things Tuesday – March 1

1 Mar

Ten reasons why it’s better to be an adult than a kid:

(PS, see Part 1 here)

1. Working for money rather than sitting in school. Either way, The Man is getting you down. But at least when you’re grown-up, you have a little more control over that. You can pick and choose what job you want, rather than being forced to sit in a classroom studying geometry and other things that have no life relevance. And you’re doing it for money. Yeah, sometimes work sucks, but you get paid for it. You’re not getting paid to go to school.

2. No homework. You don’t come home with tons of work and studying to do every night. Although you have a lot different responsibilities, it’s not like writing a paper or studying for a test.

3. Making your own decisions. It’s just so nice to feel like you’re in control of your life. You answer to your boss at work, unless you work for yourself. But at home and in the rest of your life, you’re in control. You’re the boss of your own life. You make your own rules.

4. Decorating your house the way you want. When you were a kid, you were just at the mercy of whatever taste your parents had. Maybe you got to fix up your own room, but it probably wasn’t much apart from painting the walls and getting a new comforter. As an adult, you really have the chance to express your individuality in your environment.

5. Driving. It’s not always pleasant, but I never regret that I can.

6. Doing whatever you want with your free time. You have an afternoon off and want to lay around the house reading? Awesome! You feel like eating a leisurely lunch in a cafe by yourself? Go for it! You’re feeling a bit down and need to indulge in a little retail therapy? Sure! You want to spontaneously fly to Paris? Why not! It still sometimes blows my mind that I’m old enough to go anywhere and do anything I want without asking permission first. What a freedom that is – it’s liberating.

7. Having a sense of who you really are. When you’re a kid, you are at the mercy of the people around you to really define you – your parents, your friends, your teachers. The ones who influence you the most and really, if subconsciously, mold your personality. When you’re an adult, you can choose to accept or reject the things you learned in childhood and really figure things out for yourself. Not that the influence of others is always a bad thing, but sometimes it gives you a really limited perspective on the world. When you grow up, you get to experience more things for yourself, and figure out your sense of self.

8. Setting goals and achieving them. That sense of accomplishment you get when you’ve put hard work into something you’re really proud of is just wonderful. Sure, kids can be proud of themselves too, but there’s something about your work as an adult that just feels bigger, more special. Maybe it’s a bigger impact – I don’t know. I like knowing that I have the ability to make things happen for myself.

9. Staying up late. It’s not always the wisest thing in the world (say, when you have to be at work early in the morning), but it’s nice to enforce your very own bedtime. Or not.

10. Remembering how great everything was when you were a kid. When you’re actually living in the moment, you don’t always appreciate it. It’s when you look back that you really understand the value. I realize this is kind of a cop-out answer, but you don’t have childhood nostalgia when you’re still a child. It’s great to reminisce with old friends – or new friends – about the things you loved and shared when you were kids. Those special memories are treasures, and become more important as you get older. Having those memories as an adult is such a meaningful thing.


One Response to “Ten Things Tuesday – March 1”

  1. nerj1984 1 March, 2011 at 11:52 am #

    but what the best when you are a kid is “problem free” hehehe

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