21 Feb

Kind of a weekend recap and a preview of my coming week…

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I’ve had some pretty intense back pain for the last several days. It started on Friday morning, when I woke up from a long day of doing BioFuels programs and carrying heavy boxes. My stamina is way down, due to lack of scheduled outreaches and going to the gym, so I’m not used to being on my feet that much and hauling around materials. It mostly starts in the morning, when I’m slow and stiff from sleeping, and gradually gets better throughout the day. Yesterday it had mostly disappeared, only coming back when I had been sitting still for a long time (and as I spent a lot of time doing school-related computer things yesterday, was common) and then moved suddenly. This morning, though, it’s pretty bad. It’s just now starting to get a little better – I can move around much better in the last 10 minutes. Maybe it’s because I’m not thinking about it so much. I hope there’s not anything seriously wrong with me, because I have a pretty busy schedule this week.

I have another day of BioFuels scheduled for tomorrow, so I have to load up my car with all that junk this afternoon. And then teach all day tomorrow, hopefully with a better back. I might need some serious pain meds for this…although I don’t know where I would get any, legally or illegally…

I went to see I am Number Four with Amanda on Friday night. It was pretty good. I think most people would describe it as your typical Michael Bay blowing-stuff-up-and-leaving-some-potholes kind of movie, but I enjoyed it. Really, I don’t go to the movies all that often anymore (not sure why, but it probably has something to do with Netflix…), but I’d been seeing previews for this one all over the place and was really intrigued. I had no idea it was based on a book, but now I kind of want to read it. I do like science-fiction type stories, although I don’t always understand them. It’s fun to think of different things like that, though, like life on other planets. I wouldn’t say I’m a believer necessarily, but there’s no way to know for sure, is there?

Speaking of science-fiction, I bought The Hunger Games this weekend, too. I haven’t started it yet – gotta get through This Side of Paradise first – but I’ve been hearing great things from lots of people about it. It’s one of those things where you’re completely unaware of something, and then once you know about it, it’s everywhere. I hope it lives up to the recommendations.

My mom spent all of last week and the weekend in bed. She’s still got the flu, although she seems to be getting over it now. I think one reason why it took her so long to get over it is because she’s been dehydrated. In the midst of sleeping all day and not really having an appetite, she’s forgotten to drink anything. This just prolonged her fever and chills. She’s back at work today, hopefully for good. She only went to school on Thursday last week, and came straight home to bed. I hope she’s over it now, both for our trip and because it’s terribly quiet around our house.

I’m excited to send of a box of goodies to Mallory, down in the jungles of Belize. It’s a little late for a Christmas present, like I had originally intended. I’ve had this on my to-do list for months, but just now gotten around to it. No matter, though. I know she’ll be excited to get it, regardless of when it gets there. This is the first time I’ve ever sent a package to Central America – or even overseas before. I’m going to have to make a serious effort to save some money to go visit her. It sounds like she’s having an amazing time in the Peace Corps. Not gonna lie – I’m a little jealous of that! I know she’s doing great things, though.

This Friday I’m going up to Alexandria again for another grad school interview at George Washington. I didn’t have to reapply this year – everything just carried over from last year, thank goodness! – but I do have to go back for another interview. My mom and I are driving up on Friday for my Saturday interview day. We’re already planning a couple of little side trips. She really wants to visit Georgetown Cupcake, of DC Cupcakes fame. I have to admit, I’m kind of excited about that. She’s also seen commercials for H&M the past few months, and really wants to visit one up there. We don’t get much of that around here…anyway, I’m excited for it. I need another road trip in my life. I feel like I’m not that prepared for it, though, because I’ve been so distracted with work lately. I need to brush up on my portfolios and my reading so I don’t look like a fool!

Wouldn’t you know, I’ve put off sending out a CD of my slides to GW until the absolute last minute. I’ve just gotten distracted with work, and doing stuff with friends, and wasting time with unimportant things. So now, less than a week until the interview, I have to rush off a CD of slides to them. And today is President’s Day, so the post office is closed. Of course. And tomorrow I have an all-day program at a school, which won’t allow me time to send it off. I’m going to have to recruit my dad or my grandmother to do it for me first thing in the morning. Must remember to be more responsible when it comes to things with deadlines…

So, wish me luck this week – that my back gets better (I’m turning into such an old lady!), that I manage to mail off my slides in time, that my package makes it to Belize OK, that we have a safe trip to DC and that my interview goes well. I really hope they want me, because I want them!


2 Responses to “Weak-end”

  1. bobbie 21 February, 2011 at 9:23 pm #

    Dear Lazy Llama i do wish you luck for the hole next week and will think of you (did not meen to sound kreepy i am so new to your blog but realy love it.)

    • lazyllama27 23 February, 2011 at 11:44 am #

      Thank you – I am feeling much better now!

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