Growing Up

20 Feb

Plinky prompt of the day: When did you realize you were an adult?

I’ve been through four years of college. I’m 24 years old. I don’t live on my own right now, but I have before, and I will again soon. I have a sort of grown-up job. But all these things together don’t really make me feel like an adult. I don’t even really mind all that much when I get called ma’am. Not that it happens all that often. Yeah, it kinda weirds me out, because I usually don’t expect to hear it. It doesn’t make me feel old – I mean, I live in the South. Let’s face it. You’re gonna get called ma’am more often here than anywhere else.

So when did I realize I was an adult? Pretty much when I realized that kids will listen to me. Both inside of work and out. I’ve been babysitting and looking after kids for many years, but they actually, really do what I say. It’s such a weird concept. Especially with the kids from Governor’s School – not that they’re still kids – but it’s just weird to think that I’m only a few years older than them, and yet they legitimately listened to my advice. And when I do programs at schools for work, they listen to me, too. Granted, they’re much younger, but they still look at me as someone to listen to. That’s what makes me feel like an adult.


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