Stuff I Want Wednesday

16 Feb

Since it’s all about love this week, here are some say-yes engagement rings:

I love vintage rings. There’s something about them that feels unique; you’re not going to find something like this around everywhere today. There’s a story behind it, and that makes it interesting.

Not one that I’d probably wear, but still gorgeous. Can’t go wrong with all that shiny!

This is a new ring, but looks old. It’s so delicate – it reminds me of flowers.

Again, not one I’d ever wear, but on the funky side. For someone looking for something a little bit different.

Art deco rings are some of my favorites. There’s a lot of detail in this one, and proves you don’t have to have a huge rock in the middle to have something special. I’d say yes to this ring.

I love, love, love a three-stone, oval cut ring. If I ever get a Tiffany ring, it will be this. I’d probably stare at it for hours. And hours. And hours.

For something a little different, and still along the lines of my favorite, three-stone rings. You could get away with a smaller cut without sacrificing shine or design. I didn’t used to like this kid of ring, but I love this particular one.

Hands down, my favorite. I love everything about this ring. It’s got three center stones, which I love. It’s surrounded by smaller diamonds, as I said I liked in the previous ring. But it’s got a little edge to it, too. It’s not just a standard design – this one also reminds me of flowers. The shape is much more interesting.

A vintage version of my favorite three-stone rings. It’s got some character.

The gorgeous side view of the previous ring. Don’t you just love all the detail work on the side? It’s pretty enough to wear just by itself.

And another vintage ring with great detail work in the metal. I love the octagon shape at the top – definitely different!


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