Ten Things Tuesday – February 15

15 Feb

Happy belated Valentine’s Day – or Singles Awareness Day, depending on your frame of mind. I’m determined this year to reverse my pessimistic and gloomy thinking about love, men, and all things romantic. I’ve never been lucky in love – and although I’m not currently doing anything to change that, I think about it a lot. I’ve determined that I’m not going to be sulky about my lack of relationships. This week, I give you ten things I find most appealing in the opposite sex:

1. Smart. We’re not talking genius-level, here. But not dumb-as-rocks, either. Soemwhere in the middle, on the intelligent side, to have stimulating conversations with. There’s nothing worse than talking to someone who is clearly smarter than you, and knows it, and takes advantage of it. It’s a terrible feeling. Likewise, it’s no fun to talk to someone who can’t keep up with you, either.

2. Scruff. Just the right amount of being between clean-shaven and full-on hairy. I don’t like either of those extremes that much. Just a little scruff, a little ruggedness, to make someone rough around the edges.

3. Kindness. I could do without all the cheesy movie romance if only I was with someone who was genuinely kind and open-hearted to everyone. Who asks how you’re doing and really cares to hear the answer. Someone who prays for people going through a rough time, and really means it. Someone willing to put their own needs aside, when necessary, if favor of someone else’s.

4. British accents. This isn’t a deal-breaker for me, but I’m just a sucker for British men. There’s just something so gentlemanly and dreamy about it. Refined. Mysterious. Yeah, I can’t resist that.

5. Curly hair. Again, not necessarily a deal-breaker, but I do prefer it. I love men with curly hair, that’s just a little roughed-up, a little umkempt. It gives the appearance of not seriously being into appearances, just a little playfulness and youth, and a roll-out-of-bed-as-you-are attitude.

6. Sense of adventure. I don’t think I’m a particularly interesting person, but I do like to try new things, when I have the chance. I need someone in my life who will push me to try new and adventurous things. Maybe not skydiving, per se, but maybe trying a restaurant with really weird food. Or learning to ski or rock climb. Or taking a new class on something I know nothing about, and haven’t really shown interest in before. Someone who won’t just let me sit around on Facebook or watching TV all day.

7. Humor. Laughter really is great medicine. There’s no sense in being with someone who doesn’t make you smile, and doesn’t do things to keep you entertained. At the end of the day, you really only have each other. You might as well really enjoy the company of the person you’re with. I do appreciate a dry, witty sense of humor.

8. Muscular but not too much. No bulging bodybuilders. Just enough to look strong, without looking like he’s going to bust out of his t-shirt. Not scrawny, either. Just right.

9. Non-smoker. This one absolutely is a deal-breaker.

10. Well-rounded. I don’t mean one of those overachieving people who was into everything just to build a resume or make themselves look good. I mean someone with a genuine interest in a variety of things. Someone who appreciates watching movies and hiking a pretty trail in the fall. Someone who likes napping on a rainy day and riding roller coasters. Someone who likes to read, to create, to cook, to


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