I Do!

14 Feb

It’s finally here! The Anthropologie wedding line, BHLDN, made its debut today! I’m not engaged, as you know. In fact, absolutely nowhere near it, except that I love weddings and regularly check out wedding blogs and other ideas online. I’m not obsessed, but after spending a good portion of my morning drooling over these gorgeous photos, I just might be…

Here are some of my favorite things from their website (AKA the things I’d most likely pick out for my own wedding!)

My three favorite gowns. I’m not sure I would really wear the short one in the center, but I just love the vintage feel of it. She looks just like a flapper. And the one on the right. Oh. My Gosh. I love it. I never expected to love any dress with tiers like that, but this is just stunning. Just the right amount of bling, romance, edge and sophistication.

Some stunning bridesmaids dresses. Or, you know, something equally as fabulous for a special occasion. The one on the far left has great little appliques all over. The gold and black lace is gorgeous – love the neckline. And that one in the middle – the bronze and blue, just stunning. I literally gasped out loud when I saw it.

These adorable little boleros are perfect for an outdoor reception that might get chilly as the night wears on. These are so flowy and ethereal – perfect for a wedding! The middle one even has little peacock feathers in it!

Oh shoes. How I love thee. What great wedding look is complete without a fabulous pair of shoes? I’m partial, of course, to the red with the bows on the back. But that brocade with the sparkly bow? Drool! And who doesn’t need a glittery shoe with a feathered detail?

I love these vintage-looking little veils and hair accessories. I think a simple veil like this really plays up the interesting details of the dress, and the sparkle of the jewelry. And for a little more old-fashioned flair, some lacy gloves and an art deco clutch. These guys really know what gets my heart a-flutter!

And what is an Anthro wedding line without some inspiring jewelry? The three necklaces in this set are so pretty – something I’d probably wear in everyday life, too. On the top, there’s also that adorable “Oui” ring (for a French twist on your vows!) and some killer art deco earrings. Just my cup of tea! In the middle, left, a delicate metal that spells out “ILY” or, I Love You. And on the right, some modern, romantic hoops. On the bottom, another pair of hoops, but a little different this time – I just love those little stones! – and some fabulous peacock earrings. Really, what wedding is complete without a little touch of peacock anymore?

I can’t believe I’m actually putting pictures of lingerie on here, but these were just too lovely to pass up. I love these two sets on the top and bottom – a great little “something blue” bow and a very sexy pair of not-so-basic white lingerie. I’m not really a fan of rompers, but this black lace one is gorgeous. Absolutely perfect honeymoon wear. And that pretty robe? Love, love, love!


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    i love it

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