Ten Things Tuesday – February 1

1 Feb

Last week we did ten favorite fruits, so this week it’s only fair to share ten of my favorite vegetables:

1. Cherry tomatoes. I could eat these like candy. They’re so sweet and juicy, and just the right size for snacking. And of course much better for you than eating junk food. I like to keep these on hand to eat during the day, rather than something like chips.


2. Mushrooms. I’ve had a very close, personal relationship with mushrooms since I was very little. I would eat them uncooked, straight out of the container from the grocery store. I would eat them straight out of a can. I would eat them on pizza. I would eat them in soup. I love mushrooms. Maybe even more than cherry tomatoes. It’s a pretty serious love.


3. Avocado. Anything that’s the basis for guacamole has to be amazing. Avocados have such amazing flavor, although the ones you find in the grocery stores are never ripe enough, which is right when you want to eat one, anyway.


4. Cauliflower. The albino version of broccoli. At least in my mind.


5. Onions. My brother says he’s allergic to them…not sure if that’s possible, but he’s definitely lying. Onions give such great flavor to almost anything you cook! I’m a big fan of them in salads, casseroles, rings… I even love the little baby green ones.


6. Asparagus. My favorite way to prepare asparagus is grilled – or at least faux-grilled, in a broiler. If you lay out asparagus on a pan, and put olive oil, garlic, and lemon on it, and broil it until it’s crispy, it turns out just like if it was grilled. It’s excellent.


7. Spinach. It’s great to eat in salads, or to bake in different dishes. It mixes well with lots of ingredients. And it just makes you feel healthy when you eat it. A great way to eay your leafy greens!


8. Eggplant. It’s taken me a while to come around to liking eggplant, but I really do. Often when I’m not in the mood to eat a meat dish, I like to have eggplant instead. The parmesan variety is especially good. And they’re such a pretty color.


9. Squash. I have a delicious recipe that pairs yellow squash with cheese, sour cream, and Ritz crackers. It’s so good. Squash makes me think of fall and hearty, warm food. I’m craving some right now!


10. Pumpkin. The ultimate fall food. It’s great in pies, muffins, breads, cakes, baked side dishes, coffee flavor. There’s hardly ever an inappropriate use of pumpkin.


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