Rx: Cowbell

31 Jan

I wish I could say that I enjoyed the sunny, 60-degree weather all weekend. I wish I could tell you I had lots of social plans with many different friends. I even wish I could report that I finally turned over a new leaf and went to the gym.

But alas, I cannot. Instead of all these lovely things, I spent the weekend sleeping in bed, suffering a fever and very unpleasant stomach problems. I won’t go into much detail, because it’s rather dull and truthfully way too much information. It started on Friday morning, right before my performance review. Of course. It would happen right when I’m being evaluated for my year-long performance. I thought it was just one drink too many from Amanda’s the night before. I only made it to noon before I couldn’t take the stomach gurgling anymore and had to go home. I went straight to bed and stayed there for about 24 hours. I woke up on Saturday, feeling much better, but still a little tired. I had dinner with Nikki and then our big Lost finale. By the time I got home, however, it was more of the same feeling from the previous day. No way it was alcohol-induced anymore. It probably also didn’t help that we had sushi for dinner…

Anyway, the worst of my fever was on Saturday night. I slept terribly that night – I must have laid awake in bed for four hours before finally going to sleep. I was cold and then hot, and kind of hallucinating because I was so tired. I spent a good amount of Sunday recovering from the fever, and napping to make up for lack of sleep the night before. So, I didn’t do much of anything all weekend. I did, however, finally finish World Without End (which was wonderful). When I wasn’t sleeping, of course.

Come to find out, Amanda and two other friends also got the same thing after we’d all hung out together. I kind of suspect that I gave it to them, because it sounds like I got it and got over it before them, but there’s no way of knowing. And I must say, although it’s never fun to be sick, it’s certainly not as much fun as when you’re a kid. My mom, of course, came to check on me to see how I was feeling, but wasn’t quite as doting as when I was younger. I mostly just wanted to sleep, but it’s nice to have someone there to take care of you when you’re sick.

I took it easy today at work, going in late and leaving early. I don’t feel really all that bad anymore – mostly just tired. But I didn’t want to overdo it today. I’ve been eating bland food and laying around. That might be a bit extreme, but I don’t want to relapse. All in all, not a weekend I want to repeat anytime soon. As my Facebook status confirms, I had a fever which no amount of cowbell would cure.


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