Stuff I Want Wednesday

26 Jan

Some fun things to make your home colorful and cozy:

This fun, Earthy duvet set is perfect for adding color and pattern to a bedroom wtihout being overly feminine. Even though it’s trees and flowers, the bright colors give it more life than pastel florals.

Woodland Organic Duvet

And to go with it, some pretty tree curtains.

Tree Garden Curtain

This fun, colorful version of Sudoku would be perfect to leave out on a coffee table. It would be great for encouraging guests to interact with each other, and figure out a puzzle together. I’m a big fan of Sudoku

Colorku Game

Moroccan-inspired pillow cases, in various colors and with lots of sparkle.

Moroccan Pillow Case

This fun puzzle can be arranged in many different ways, to create many different patterns. It’s so colorful, and would look great anywhere.

Rainbow Octagon Puzzle

This linen dress form has the potential to be functional and decorative. You could actually put together outfits, or use it to sew, if you’re into that. It could also become a lovely post to store necklaces or scarves.

Linen Dress Form

Don’t you just love this clever bookend? It’s much more interesting than a plain, boring matching set. I’m not sure why, but I’ve always been interested in special bookends. I need to invest in them in my life!

James the Bookend

Really, who DOESN’T need a great print of a Union Jack? Well, probably the French. But I love it – I love everything British, and their flag is far less obnoxious than ours. I need one.

Union Jack Banner

Um, I almost gasped out loud when I saw this. I need this light like there’s no tomorrow.

Illuminated Remote Control Moon


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