Ten Things Tuesday – January 25

25 Jan

Ten of my favorite kinds of fruit:

1. Figs. Hands down, my all-time favorite. I could eat them plain, as jam or preserves, or baked in to something. I love figs, and I just can’t get enough.


2. Strawberries. One of the best days of my year is the day my mom decides to make strawberry jelly. It’s a simple recipe, but it’s amazing. I’ve never had better stawberry jelly, ever.


3. Blackberries. Just like figs, I think I could eat them in anything. My favorite is blackberry cobbler, with a yellow cake mix crust. Divine.


4. Kiwi. I once heard that a kiwi is a cross between a banana and a strawberry. I haven’t been able to find evidence of that anywhere. I can’t help but think about that every time I eat kiwi.


5. Bananas. The ripeness of bananas is always debatable. I like all stages – especially still slightly green with that extra sweet taste, but I also appreciate the milder yellow variety. But not brown and mealy.


6. Grapes. Especially frozen. I like small ones, large ones, with and without pits, green ones, red ones, black ones. All kinds of grapes. I probably like them because they are the reason we have wine…


7. Cortland Apples. These grow somewhere up north – New York or somewhere like that. So we can’t always get them around here. In fact, the only time of year we have them is during the Apple Festival. These are by far the juiciest, sweetest apples ever. Not too juicy that it runs down your face, not too mealy, not too sour. Absolutely perfect. And great for baking, too.

8. Limes. I sometimes eat them on their own, but I do especially enjoy anything flavored with limes. I love the intense sour flavor, much better than lemons. I really love putting lime in my water or in Coke at restaurants.


9. Clementines. Without fail, every winter, my cousin brings me a huge crate of them to snack on. They’re great to eat at your desk for breakfast. They’re great as an afternoon snack. And the best part is they’re easy to peel and have no seeds. Awesome.



10. Plums. They’re a little bit messy, but still a great snack.


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