22 Jan

It’s been a while since I’ve actually posted anything about myself, or my daily goings-on. That’s probably because it hasn’t been too interesting. What with all the snow we had the last two weeks or so, I haven’t really gotten out or done much of anything other than read. But this whole last week I went to work, uninterrupted. It’s nice to have that routine again (as much as I enjoyed my very extended vacation). I spent the entire week at the Museum, working on new programs and scheduling meetings. We’ve started to gear up for Earth Day again. You’ll remember how much of a slight fiasco that was last year. Well, not really a fiasco. But by far my least favorite and least important project of the entire year. I’m obviously not looking forward to it again…

I also spent the last week housesitting in town. I love doing that – it gives me a sense that I’m out on my own, running my own life – even though I’m technically staying at someone else’s house. There were two dogs I was taking care of, Lily and Zoe. They were easy to take care of, and very friendly. It just makes me want my own place even more, where I can get a dog and just live my life. I used to always think that I couldn’t live alone, but I kind of like it. I don’t know how it would be for a long period of time (or, like, all the time), but it’s nice for just a few days, anyway. I keep fantasizing about moving to grad school – where I’ll live, who I’ll live with, how we’ll decorate our apartment, will I be able to get a dog (which I really, REALLY want to!). So many things to think about in the coming months. Needless to say, I had a great time housesitting. It’s a great way to make some extra money on the side.

Even though it’s Saturday, my poor mom has to go to school. They have missed so many days for snow that they have to make up, they’ve had to take two Saturdays, as well as MLK and President’s Day. Hopefully it won’t snow anymore and there won’t be any more snow days to make up.

We have a family friend coming in tomorrow for a few hours. She’s an old friend of my mom and my aunt, whose birthday it is today. It’s kind of a birthday surprise for her. As far as I know, she doesn’t know anything about the visit. My mom asked me to make some chocolate cupcakes for the occasion. Aunt Mary had called earlier this week to ask me to make some for her birthday luncheon group, but I was housesitting, of course, and didn’t have access to that much baking equipment. She’ll be pleasantly surprised to see that she’s getting her favorite chocolate cupcakes tomorrow. I’ve been working on them all morning. I made the brownie centers last night and froze them, then got up this morning to bake the cupcakes. I wanted to get it done before the afternoon, because I’m supposed to be having lunch with Amanda here in a bit. She just got back from a mission trip to Arizona this week, and I’m curious to hear all about it. My hope is that the cupcakes will be done by the time I’m supposed to meet her (and right now, it’s looking that way), and then cooled off to ice when I get back later this afternoon. I have a dinner date with Alli tomorrow night, and I don’t want to be spending my entire Sunday afternoon running around making cupcakes. I’m going all out on them this time – espresso powder in the icing and fancy chocolate shavings on the top. They’re going to be the richest, most indulgent chocolate cupcakes ever. I’m so excited. Every time I make them, the recipe gets just a little bit better.

I haven’t mentioned before about our yoga experience on Tuesday. Mom and I try to make it to yoga every Tuesday night. Even though we should try to make it to the gym far more frequently than that, lately yoga has been the only thing we’ve been able to commit to. Anyway, we had a substitute this week, and she was intense. You know how most yoga instructors are very calm, mild-mannered, soothing? Not this lady. She was on the mellow side, compared to like aerobics or kickboxing instructors, but she was definitely not your typical soothing teacher. We were doing all kinds of intense stretches and poses – things we don’t normally do in that class. I kind of think of it as lazy yoga – it’s more for relaxation and simple stretching rather than flexibility. I admit that I should probably look for a more intense yoga class, but I just love how relaxing ours is. Anyway, I was not prepared for the intensity we were in for on Tuesday. My muscles hurt for at least two days afterwards! I was not impressed – I’m notoriously resistent to change. I wish I wasn’t that way – I need to be more flexible. Both from yoga and in life.


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