Ten Things Tuesday – January 18

18 Jan

This post inspired this week’s list, ten things I’m good at. It’s nice to toot your own horn every once in a while.

1. Remembering dates. It’s kind of at an OCD level. I’m very good at remembering birthdays, anniversaries, art history dates. That’s probably a good reason to major in it. Day-to-day schedule, not so much. But major things like that, I’m excellent.

2. Making playlists. I love putting together great combinations of music. I’ve made every kind of playlist – from working out, to studying, to partying, to driving, to shopping. It’s nice to combine the music of your life into an odd soundtrack; some moments just call for a certain song. It’s like having an infinite mix tape. I rarely leave my playlist-making to iTunes Genius – I do most of the dirty work myself.

3. Resolving problems. I don’t like to sit around and complain about things, or worry about what’s going on. Instead, I like to do something about it. I like to figure out what’s wrong, think of a way to fix it, and then actually do it. It’s one thing to whine and moan, it’s another to get off your butt and make things happen. I don’t like living in a state of conflict, so I try to resolve it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

4. Writing. Despite most of the rambling you find here, when I put my mind to it, I really am a good writer. Nothing life-altering or that inspiring, but just enough to be entertaining and sound intelligent. Or semi-intelligent. Anyway, the more I write – about anything – the better I believe I get. I’m not looking to make it into a career, but I like having a creative outlet that’s purely enjoyable.

5. Finding the perfect gift. Many times it’s a “just because” gift. I found something really great that reminded me of someone, and I thought they should have it. I take the time to really think about birthday and Christmas presents – something fun but also useful. There’s no point in getting a present you don’t like, or aren’t going to use. You end up getting rid of it, or re-gifting it. I like to take the time beforehand to really consider what that person likes, and find something I know they just can’t live without.

6. Baking. When I’m stressed or just need something to do, or have a really great recipe I’m dying to try out, I bake. Mostly sweets – likely cupcakes. I just love finding a new combination of something delicious. I can’t take credit for hardly anything I make, but I usually try to find a little twist to add it: chili powder in chocolate, citrus salt in something lemony, etc. Just that little hint of something extra that makes your taste buds sit up and pay attention. I don’t think I’ll ever open my own restaurant or bakery or anything like that, but I will have some of the best home-cooked meals for my family. I’ll probably never be a master of everything, but there will be a select few things I’m awesome at whipping up. I love cooking and baking.

7. Working without supervision. I can be relied upon to get my work done and take initiative on projects without someone constantly breathing down my back. I work in a small office space by myself – there’s no room for anyone else! And when I’m not there, I’m usually out on the road doing programs at local schools and organizations. I set my own schedule, write my own programs, take care of my own supplies. I ask for help when I need it, of course. But for the most part I am extremely independent when it comes to work. I don’t necessarily like working by myself all the time – indeed, I feel very separate from mo co-workers most of the time – but I don’t constantly need a supervisor watching my every move.

8. Wasting time. I’m not especially proud of this fact, but it’s true. I guess that means I can entertain myself when I’m bored. Although, it usually doesn’t end up being anything productive. Sometimes this means I put things off til the last minute, but not late enough that I cause myself lots of stress. Or get into trouble because of it.

9. Observing the world around me. I’ve always been very aware of my immediate surroundings – the things that are in the room, how my outfit looks, where I’m driving to, if I’m going to run into that person behind me when I turn around. I don’t know where this sense of being hyper-aware of my surroundings comes from, but it gives me excellent perceptive skills. I can usually find my way around somewhere once I’ve driven there one time; I’m rarely lost. I remember exactly where things are on a shelf or in a drawer (that is, of course, unless they mysteriously walk away). I remember the shapes of people’s faces and can often sense how they’re feeling. This probably comes from being an incredibly visual person. I can observe a lot more than people give me credit for.

10. Making lists. Obviously, or else I wouldn’t have been at it for this long. It’s weird, but I really enjoy making lists of things. Not that everything on them gets accomplished, but it’s so nice to have it all laid out there in front of you, like a little plan of action. Even if some things remain uncrossed, it’s OK.


One Response to “Ten Things Tuesday – January 18”

  1. Mrs. Chili 18 January, 2011 at 1:06 pm #

    Love this!! I should have put “wasting time” as one of my particular talents, too…

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