Daily Grind

16 Jan

It’s been a while since my last Plinky prompt. I’ve decided I’m going to be better about writing them, seeing as I have a complete lack of imagination on everything else in my life. It’s just a quick little prompt, but here it is:

Three things I do every day without fail:

Put my contacts in. This seems kind of obvious, but I do have an alternative – glasses. My vision is terrible without glasses or contacts. And while I have really cute glasses that I don’t mind too much wearing, I really prefer contacts. There’s nothing on your face to get in the way or slide down or cause random shadows in your peripheral vision. I just like contacts better, so I always put them in.

Get on the internet. Whether it’s looking at Facebook or writing a blog entry or checking emails, I’m guaranteed to spend a good portion of the day online. It’s not a great habit, but it happens all the time. I’m hopelessly addicted.

Listen to music. At work, it’s streaming WROQ 101 from Spartanburg on my computer. At home, it’s my iTunes. At the gym, it’s a workout playlist. It’s not a 24-hour thing, but it’s a daily routine.

I would have said use the bathroom for one, but that’s a little obvious. I tried to be more thoughtful and creative than that…


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