Stuff I Want Wednesday

12 Jan

I’ve already done a dress-inspired SIWW, but I just can’t help myself doing another one. Dress shopping, probably next to shoe shopping, is the one thing I never tire of. I’m such a girl – a sucker for adorable and feminine dresses. Here are some recent finds:

Love how this red dress crosses in the front. Red dresses – like black ones to other people – are an essential for me. Although I do love the LBD version, red is much more my color. I only have one red dress right now, and this one might just have to find its way into my closet…

Second Verse Dress

I love print. I love color. I love hippie/Bohemian style. I love the potential to accessorize. This dress has all of those qualities. Of course I love it.

Polygraphic Dress

Have we ever discussed my love of embellishment before? Yes, I think we have. Well, that feeling has not changed, and I think it might be mutual. Embellishment loves me as much as I love it. The gorgeous detail on this dress is perfect. Feminine yet modern. Yes.

Infinite Dress

This dress makes me want to join a country club and have tea parties. It’s classic but still fun. Black and white, of course, makes a great neutral palette for endless possibilities of accessorizing fun. I just might need to find a big floppy hat to wear with this dress…

Sophisticated Saturday Dress

Remember what I said about red dresses? Add in a little shine and texture with brocade fabric, and put a little ruffle on for some interest, and I’m hooked. Definitely a great holiday party dress.

Priceless Poinsettia Dress

The thing I love about this dress is how it’s both modern and feminine at the same time. You’ve got that interesting mesh and beading embellishment at the top – and it’s asymmetrical, giving added visual interest. And then you’ve got great ruching on the side, for some shape and romance. Great for dressing up or down.

Conversation Keeper Dress

Hmm, what to say about this dress that I haven’t already said. Elegant. Embellished. Sparkly. Yes, that’s it, that’s the one we haven’t seen yet – sparkly! I love all things shiny and sparkly. I’m just like a fish.

Loved and Adorned Dress

This is by far my new favorite color. And logically, it shouldn’t be. I’ve never felt that comfortable in the color yellow, but this is a little different. It’s just different enough to be interesting, without being able to put your finger on just what color it is.

Tasteful in Turmeric Dress

I don’t know that I would ever actually wear this dress, but I love the way the red satin comes across the front. It’s a nice counter-effect to the stripe pattern.

Peppermint Dream Dress

I’ve never worn many sheer clothes in my life, but I’m more than willing to try this one one. It’s a great color, a great sleeve length, and just the right amount of embellishment to make me happy.

Don’t Wait up for Me Dress

I don’t have a dress in this color, but I think I might need one.

The Real Teal Dress

I don’t know about wearing this one either – the first time I saw it, I thought it was kind of crazy – who would want to be compared to a globe? But on further inspection, I find myself liking it more and more. Purple and gold is never a bad color combination. Especially not when your dress is covered in gold beading.

Purple Around the World Dress

I can imagine this dress is the perfect traveling companion. Easy to pack, easily flattering, and easy to pair with so many things. I would prefer a brighter color, but this one is great for minimalist, chic traveling.

All-Expense-Paid Dress

I love that 20’s inspired drop-waist look. The one where you look like a French flapper – you know. This dress is just so darling. Not sure how I’d pull it off, but I just can’t help but love it!

Properly Attired Dress


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