Ten Things Tuesday – January 11

11 Jan

Ten favorite pairs of shoes, and the stories behind them:

This pair of Converse are really special because I bought them for my senior year. It’s a tradition at school for the seniors to dress up and wear red or pink Converse for Opening Convocation, depending if they’re Red Devils or Pink Panthers. I customized mine online with my class year. And they’re sneakily lined with orange, the official unofficial color of Full Moon. Sneaky because, when you’re wearing them, you can’t tell they’re orange on the inside…

This fabulous turquoise pair was a Christmas present a couple of years ago from Urban Outfitters. I love the funky heel on them – very retro. And it’s always great to have a pair of heels in a bright color.

These purple boots I bought recently at the great shoe store here in town, which always has shoes in my size. It’s amazingly hard to find shoes in a size 10, so it’s always great to find a cute pair. And the fact that these suede boots are purple makes them even better. No boring black for me!

I bought these shiny Steve Madden shoes on my last day in New York right after my senior year of high school. We’d been shopping a couple of times earlier in the trip, but just had to make one last stop at Macy’s before we left. I knew immediately that I just couldn’t leave without these kickass shoes. I hate to admit that I haven’t worn them yet, but I just haven’t had the right venue for them yet. It will come, though. I just need to practice walking in heels this high!

I bought these adorable little purple flats on my first trip to Paris. It was a toss-up between showing off these or the hot pink flats with cut-out bubbles, which are equally as cute and French-looking. I’m not sure why I picked these, maybe because they were easier to find in my shoe closet. Anyway, I love buying shoes when I travel, because it’s great to wear them around and remember the fun times you had on your trip. And besides, what’s better than European shoes?

These elven-looking shoes are the ultimate example of finding something in a magazine and knowing immediately you have to have it. I saw these in InStyle about three years ago, and I fell in love with them. Kitten heels, d’Orsay cut, gray suede and sparkles? Yes, ma’am. The problem was, the website in the magazine wasn’t carrying them yet. I was heartbroken, but diligently perused the website every day until finally, finally, I found them! I’m pretty sure they were ordered within about 10 minutes of seeing them online, and I’ve been happy with them ever since. I always get compliments on them when I wear them.

At school, I used to get volunteer hours ushering performances at the local cultural center. I met a lot of interesting people doing that. One of them was Beverly, who worked at the cultural center and managed a lot of the performances. One night I noticed she was wearing these amazing shoes – they were flip flops in the front, but ballet flats in the back. Like the shoe version of a mullet, I guess. Only cute, and classy. I asked her where she got them, and knew I had to have some myself. I’m so covetous…it’s a very bad habit. Wouldn’t you know, the store where she got them had them on sale, but not in my size. I was smart enough to look on the box and get the style name. I was then able to find them online, and as you can see, I’ve gotten plenty of wear out of them. They’re fun because they breathe like flip flops, but stay on your feet like flats.

These shoes came from my very first trip to the shoe store I love to visit. I think I got five pairs that day. These are one of my favorites because of how shiny they are, of course. And I love the half d’Orsay cut on them, too. They go with almost everything.

Another great Europe purchase. These totally capture the essence of Barcelona, where I bought them. They’re a wonderful reminder of the most colorful, vibrant city in the world. And coral is the most universally flattering color, by the way.

And finally, a great pair of soft, floppy leather boots to throw on in the cold weather. I never used to be a boot girl, but I’m totally converted now. I love flat boots because they’re easy to walk in. When I wear them, I just want to jet off on a plane to walk around Europe in them. They really remind me of what girls wear over there. And they’re just such a great color, too.


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