The Facebook Effect or: Worldwide Verbal Diarrhea

6 Jan

While flipping through channels tonight looking for something to watch other than old Office reruns, I found something called The Facebook Obsession on CNBC. Normally I’m not a fan of 24-hour news networks, but this was intriguing to me. They were, of course, discussing its development, history, and controversy. Mark Zuckerberg was named Time magazine’s 2010’s Person of the Year, and I read the article entirely. Quite an effort – those who read it know how long it was. It was fascinating and entertaining, but also sometimes infuriating. Mostly because of how arrogant he appears when assuming that everyone in the world wants to share every minute detail about themselves. And a little because I was mad at myself for being so caught up in it, and foretting about living a real life.

The thing that really caught my attention was how much emphasis has been recently placed on Facebook. So answer me this: when did all the fuel get added to the fire, and where the heck did it come from? I mean, Facebook isn’t new. Why has it taken this long for the world to pounce on it?

I just don’t understand this whole cataclysmic recent obsession with Facebook. I mean, it’s just not the new thing, or the next best thing, which usually seems to be the main focus of media these days. I’ve had Facebook for five years, when it was still just for college students only. It seems to be that, in the past year or so, Facebook has really exploded onto the national scene. Stores and restaurants and movies and musicians – everything has a Facebook page now. So why now, why the sudden movement? I know it keeps growing – that it wasn’t nearly as big five years ago – so there weren’t as many options as there are today. But it just seems to me like the bandwagon is over. I still use it, but it doesn’t have the same allure to me anymore. I’ve deleted many friends recently that I honestly don’t stay in touch with, and blocked the verbal diarrhea of those clogging up my news feed.

Can someone please explain this phenomenon to me? I just don’t get it – everyone is jumping on the bandwagon, when to me, the wagon has already left.


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