Ten Things Tuesday – January 4

4 Jan

In honor of ringing in the new year with a bang, here are my top ten favorite beverages…of the alcoholic variety.

1. Albarino. I first had this in Madrid. It’s a white Spanish wine and it’s excellent. One of the girls we were on our trip with told us about it, and it quickly became my all-time favorite wine. I feel it’s my duty to pass along this information to others. Buy a bottle. You’ll thank me.

2. Honeymoon. This is the summer ale from Blue Moon (also a go-to favorite), and it’s by far the best. I’m a big fan of the original, but this one is the best of all the seasonal varieties. I love the slightly sweet taste of the honey and wheat.

3. Long Island Iced Tea. Of all the hard liquor drinks, this one is my favorite. Logically, it shouldn’t be good. It’s basically a trash can of all other liquors. How could that possibly be good? It’s deadly, for sure. But I love it. Give me a couple of these and I’m done.

4. Buttershots. If you’re going to take shots of anything straight, no chaser, make it this. It’s literally a liquid, alcoholic Werther’s. It’s good with milk as a Buttery Nipple, it’s good with coffee liqueur. It’s great by itself, too. I need more of this in my life.

5. Margaritas. Really, have you heard of a girl that doesn’t enjoy “margs” with the girls? I’m a huge fan. Mexico really has it going on with their food – enchiladas, burritos, guacamole, chips and salsa, and tequila (which is deadly, by the way. Ask me about the FM reunion at Holden Beach. It involved tequila. I don’t remember it.). How could that combination of flavors possibly be bad?

6. Kirin Ichiban. This is a Japanese beer, which I really love. It’s great with all kinds of food or just by itself.

7. Sapporo. This one is especially good with sushi and other Asian cuisines. Thai, Japanese, Chinese. It’s all good.

8. Killian’s Irish Red. I don’t drink this a lot – in fact most of the time I forget that I like it, or that it’s even on the beer list. But every time I think of it, I have fond memories of college days. I’m having a craving for some right now.

9. Liquid Marijuana. Although I don’t endorse the latter half of that name, the drink itself is great. Anything that is blue and tastes like you should be drinking it on a beach – coconut, pineapple, melon – likely will erase your memory for the evening. But it sure goes down smooth!

10. Ghetto Blaster. I was recently introduced to this by one Mr. William Martin. It’s vodka and Gatorade. So you’re replacing your electrolytes as you lose them. Genius.


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