My Baby Don’t Mess Around

3 Jan

Maybe it’s because I’m not a mom, but I find it really weird when people say their babies – especially newborns – are amazing and awesome. To me, this means they’ve already got fully developed personalities and can interact like everyone else. I mean, I’m aware that when you’re a baby, you’re still a person, of course. And babies, like anyone else, have personalities. But I feel like that takes a couple of months to grow into, like developing baby teeth. I mean, how much personality does a newborn have? They eat, they sleep, and they poop. And not much else. They can’t really interact with the world, other than to cry. They can’t even properly see. After a few months, they can do things like smile and eat their toes. But I just don’t understand how you can say your baby is amazing or awesome yet. They’re still too little. It irritates me to know end when new parents saw how awesome their babies are, and just how cool and things like that. I think you can be born awesome and cool – it’s in there, in your DNA – but it just isn’t activated at first. You have to wait a little bit before it comes out. Of course, your babies are cute, and you’re proud that you made them and are just happy to have that special blessing in your life. But it’s not like you hang out with a baby. You don’t discuss movies or politics. You don’t go out for coffee. They’re just kind of…there. For a little bit, at least. And then they can be awesome. But not at first.


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