Hollaback Girl

28 Dec

I got to thinking the other day about my internship at SADAC, and wondering how they are all doing. There were so many different women in and out of the group when I was working there. Some left and came back, others came only a few times and didn’t finish. I wonder if any of them have been arrested again for anything. I wonder if any of them are still there. I hope not, just because that means they haven’t been able to stay clean and get their lives back on track. I hope that most of them have been able to graduate from the program and start their lives over.

I’d like to go back and visit again, just to see what it’s like since I’ve been gone. And to see the trouble tree that I helped to create for the class. I hope they’re still using it, and that it’s helping them. I know they had another art therapy intern last year, and I’ve been wondering if Geri has anyone there again this year. I don’t know what kind of things the second intern did with them, and it would be interesting to see how different she was than me. She’s got to be, definitely, so it would be kind of weird for someone else to be there. I feel like, even though I haven’t been there in a year and a half, that it’s my territory. It will always have a place in my heart. I was the first art therapy intern to be there, and it was my first placement.

Of course, it wouldn’t be professional to actually go back and visit – it’s not my place to be there anymore. It’s a closed environment, so I don’t need to be popping in and out just to say hi. But it does make me curious. For the most part, I don’t remember all the women that were in the group. There are some that really stand out to me, of course, and some specific days I won’t forget. The whole experience really had a big effect on me, and I’m not likely to forget it anytime soon.

It just goes to show that people pass in and out of your life like vanishing smoke. Some stay longer than others, some serve a short purpose and then leave. I hope I was able to have a positive effect on them, and that doing art helped them to stay on their path.


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