Movin’ Out

26 Dec

It’s been far too long since I’ve done a Plinky prompt, so I thought I’d try one out today:

You’re moving into a smaller place. You have to get rid of almost everything. What things do you keep?

Seeing as I don’t have a place of my own already, let’s just assume that I have the basic essentials – a bed and some small furniture for the bedroom, a couch and a coffee table, a bookshelf and a desk, pots and pans, cups and plates and silverware, and a kitchen table a chairs. Nothing fancy, but enough to live a decent life. Assuming those were the absolute essentials, I’d have to decide mostly about the decorations and more frivolous things. Maybe I’d need a smaller bed or a smaller couch – I could live with that downgrade.

So, as for the things I’d get rid of, probably old magazines I’ve been keeping around for art projects, some old childhood toys that I don’t really need but would have a hard time getting rid of, old school notebooks and textbooks, extra bathroom towels, beauty products I don’t use all the time or have multiples of (i.e., lotions), books I’m probably never going to read again, old art supplies and subpar paintings. The thing that would be hardest to edit would be my closet. I have a ridiculous amount of clothing, shoes, and accessories. I’m such a girl in that respect – I just love it all. I’d have to seriously edit my wardrobe into the absolute necessities – the things I couldn’t live without and could mix and match together to form many different outfits. I would keep one or two jackets and coats, because those are bulky items that take up lots of space. I’d have to go through my shoe collection, too, which would be so challenging. Having just cleaned out my closet, I can tell you that I’m already down to the shoes that are nearest and dearest to my heart – and that’s still quite a few. I’d have to get rid of quite a few purses – let’s just say a shocking amount.

As for the things I’d keep, they would be the most sentimental ones I own. My high school and college yearbooks. My most necessary art supplies and my most accomplished paintings. My large stack of recipes I’m hoping to turn into a recipe book one day. The warmest blanket in the world that sits on my bed. The vase of dried flowers from Alli’s wedding. The Eiffel Tower lamp that sat in mine and Mari’s dorm room. My most favorite books in the world that I could never give up. The awesome Beatles print I just bought. My movie collection – probably organized in a large book, without all the DVD cases. Probably anything I own from Anthropologie. Jewelry I’ve made or that was passed down through my family. My collection of beer bottle cap magnets. The shoes that remind me of shopping in Europe. The most essential kitchen tools for baking and cooking. My TV and my computer.

Living in such a small space, you’d definitely need to make room for only the most important things in your life. You’d learn the value of the things you kept and would really appreciate them more. I feel like, living basically in my room, I have just enough to fit into a small apartment or condo. I’d still need some of the bigger stuff – I don’t personally have a couch or any other living room furniture, no kitchen table, nothing to cook with or eat off of. Those are the things I’ll need here in the next few months, moving out on my own. But for now, I have my room in my parents’ house, and it’s just enough. I don’t have to make the decision about getting rid of things in order to move just yet.


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