Ten Things Tuesday – December 21

21 Dec

Ten things I’d likely see in the Mirror of Erised:

1. Finding true love. Isn’t that what we all want, really? To find our true loves and spend our lives together? It’s just like Toulouse said in Moulin Rouge. The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return. I’m still looking, and still learning.

2. Paying off my student loans. Because I, just like everyone, don’t want to live with a mountain of debt my entire life.

3. Living in Europe. I’m likely on the wrong continent. Give me France. Give me England. Even Spain, though I don’t speak the language. It’s vastly more cultural and interesting over there. The food is incredible. Not to mention that’s where most of the art is.

4. Traveling the world, Amazing Race-style. Not nearly as quickly, but spending weeks or months on end roaming around, experiencing everything, meeting new people, trying exotic foods

5. Closet full of fabulous shoes. Or a closet full of fabulous shoes, clothes, and accessories. You know, your typical enviable celebrity dressing room.

6. Time-traveling and living in the 60s and 70s. I have a strong feeling it’s when I should have been growing up. I mean, it’s when all my favorite musicians were in their prime. Or, you know, alive.

7. The ability to eat absolutely anything and everything I wanted without suffering the caloric consequences. I’m not one of those blessed with a great metabolism who can pig out and never gain weight. It would be fantastic to never need to concern myself with food again. Truly, what woman doesn’t want to live like that?

8. A career as a cupcake baker. I’m contemplating opening one up, if I had the money and didn’t have any other plans in my life. I have plenty of recipes ready to go, now I just need a great investor. Any takers?

9. To have a place of my own. Don’t get me wrong – living at home is nice and all for saving money, and my parents are great. But you get to the point where you just want your own place, and have your own life. I’m most definitely ready for that. Bills and all. I just want to feel like an actual adult, and like I have my life under control. Have my own kitchen to cook in and space to decorate. I’m excited about that.

10. To always have inner peace and happiness. I’m a pretty easy-going person, but I’m not always at peace with myself. I’m working on the happiness thing, one day at a time.


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